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I suggest that the book also contained the ideas found in the anointment narrative that we have seen: 1) The king is chosen by God; 2) The king is subject to the authority of God (theocracy); and 3) The king needs to be approved by the people: 'Long live the king!' In a sense, this anticipates constitutional monarchy.
Being an Army commander may hold him back however, as there is some perception that following two army commanders, the CDS job should go to an air force or navy commander, a concern that may have also contributed to Beare's anointment being delayed.
WARREN GATLAND'S anointment as Lions coach appears to have moved a step closer since I touched on the subject last week, amid reports that he has been offered the job.
Indeed, it is important to bear in mind that, ahead of the upcoming Chinese leadership transition, new occupants for only the top two posts have been chosen, and that through a process of gradual anointment by roughly a hundred people at most.
-- Kim stresses the significance of the anointment of Kim Jong Un as successor to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.
The media's anointment of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential field's top tier has Ron Paul supporters fuming, especially after the congressman's strong, second-place finish at the Ames Straw Poll this weekend.
The undemocratic nature of such an anointment, which will be amplified if Labour wins an overall majority in the council chamber next May, could force a re-think by the Government, but that is yet to be confirmed.
People in North Korea have begun publicly mentioning Kim Jong Un as successor to leader Kim Jong Il following his official anointment at a military parade and other major events earlier this month.
Success, fortune, economic future and financial solvency are things not determined by ethereal forces such as fate, destiny or anointment. They are governed by more concrete laws.
Jim Hancock in his column (February 8) suggested that it is difficult to get the public interested in issues that don't appear to affect their lives, and yet the response to the anointment of Ms Berger, in Wavertree, in the Daily Post letters page and on internet forums shows the opposite, people ARE interested.
In order to protect them from the spontaneous anointment of some worshippers, these have been recently encased in glass cabinets.
Indeed, ironically, it is this very symbolic capital--Schmidt as the essentially indigestible and gratuitously idiosyncratic enfant terrible of post-war German literature--that may stop him from ever attaining canonical status, even despite his recent anointment as a Suhrkamp author.