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The psalmists write, "You anoint me in the presence of my foes" (Ps.
You did not anoint my head with oil, but she anointed my feet with ointment.
She anoints his feet, pouring out her love and thanks on the one who has raised her brother from the dead.
The fifteen verbs were: anoint, chafe, chivvy, ensconce, gyrate, haemorrhage, hobnob, implore, jolt, josh, moonlight, subpoena, tailgate, trounce and yonk.
Cynically speaking, the dance world always subliminally demands and then apparently anoints a current "hottest young choreographer.
The echoing image suggests that when the woman here anoints with oil, she fulfills an apostolic role.
1), thereby implying the agency of a third party, the one who anoints.
Oscar insane, innate, inane, anti, anoints, Actor Best Century 21st all -Lewis anoint, anise, anion, SENSATION Day-Bridges, Dujardin, D.
In John 12:1-8 Jesus is moving ever closer to the cross: six days before the Passover, and Mary anoints his feet as if Jesus were already dead.