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In addition to knowing the size and speed of the vessel, which assists in differentiating a tanker from a fishing boat or cruise ship, this anomalistic behaviour is indicative of a vessel that has possibly transferred cargo to, or from, another vessel.
Professor Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, told the Times Higher Education Supplement most people "believe in this stuff".
Second, while continuous demand models often produce seemingly anomalistic cross-price elasticity estimates, the results in this table indicate that all products are gross substitutes for each other, a highly plausible outcome in a category of largely discretionary, or impulse purchases.
I don't believe this disharmony to be anomalistic, but rather a flagrant example of a widespread problem that many companies, regardless of size, face daily.
For those articles, and for the articles in the anomalistic issue of RHE, I used the abstract listed in the on-line Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database.
But research by Professor Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths College in London has suggested that this type of contact with alien life may be all in the mind.
These composed harmonics are very important in coastal observations, as they modulate [M.sub.2] with a period that corresponds to the anomalistic year.
Such months are designated as synodic, anomalistic, tropical, nodical or evectional, according to whether the revolution of the Moon around the Earth is relative to the Sun's position, the shortest distance to the Earth, its passing through the Earth's equator, its passing through the ecliptic, or the variation in the eccentricity of its orbit.
Nevertheless, Meeus is careful to explain terms as they are first introduced, such as the synodic period of the Moon (time between successive new Moons), anomalistic month (time between successive perigees), and draconian month (time between passages through a node).
Whether the conflicting findings between the levels of analysis are anomalistic is unclear.(2) What seems clear, however, is that the individual-level results generate exaggerated estimates of the influence that vice presidential candidates have on the presidential vote.
The anomalistic finding by Forness and Kavale (1985) indicating lower attentive behavior in smaller classes, for instance, may have occurred because the smaller groups focused on routine skills such as phonics or basic arithmetic computation.