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OPW-9 drilled under the historic open pit to a core length of 82m contained anomalous gold values and copper mineralization between 15m and 82m including 1.
Only few rock samples could be collected in the anomalous zones, but two of those yielded grades of 1-2.
The areas of anomalous radioactivity and secondary (oxide) copper minerals are contained within a number of thin (less than one metre) beds of laminated gray siltstone and calcarious sandstone within the approximately 100 metre section of the Yacoraite Formation.
Approximately one third of till samples from the central block are similarly anomalous although as till sampling in the central block predated airborne geophysical surveys no till samples were obtained in the vicinity of the eight new prospective geophysical targets in the central block.
The sampling program has established the regional nature of the anomalous gold values.
Anomalous levels for gold were determined to be greater than 0.
It is also highly anomalous in silver, lead and zinc.
The follow-up survey over a 2-km x 4-km area confirms repeatability, continuity and orientation of previously detected anomalous trends.
A large number of rock samples taken from the claims are anomalous in gold (100 to 800 ppb).
Glassy disordered systems; glass formation and universal anomalous low-energy properties.
The incidence of anomalous origin of the left vertebral artery from the aortic arch ranges between 1% and 5.