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The classical triad of hypoplastic lung, anomalous pulmonary venous drainage and dextroposition of the heart confirmed the diagnosis of Scimitar Syndrome.
Conclusion: Echocardiography can diagnose isolated total anomalous pulmonary venous return with high accuracy.
The study titled, "Anomalous microwave emission from spinning nanodiamonds around stars," was published June 11 in the ( journal Nature Astronomy.
Because of the unusual anatomical features of anomalous coronary arteries, PCI may be technically challenging.
In most of the large conventional angiographic studies in which coronary anomalies were investigated, anomalous origin of the LCx from the RCS or proximal RCA is the most common type of ACAOS having a prevalence of 0.17-0.45% [1-3, 8-15].
The top diagnostic modalities for ARCAPA include cardiac computed tomography, coronary angiogram, and cardiovascular magnetic resonance, all of which provide excellent visualization of the coronary artery and the anomalies with detailed information regarding the origin, anatomic relationship, and course of the anomalous coronary artery [8].
This power-law form of P(t) with [alpha] = 0.5 results in anomalous dispersion, which can also be described by time-fractional advection-dispersion equation (tFADE).
During surgery, there was no possibility for reimplantation of the orifice of the anomalous left coronary artery on the aorta, thus it was closed with a fresh autologous pericardial patch.
Anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery: Effect of coronary anatomy on clinical course.
Critique: "Hug Chickenpenny: The Panegyric of an Anomalous Child" is a kind of gothic, Dicksonian style take on the Elephant Man by Craig Zahler.
An anomalous right pulmonary vein draining into the systemic venous circulation either below or above the diaphragm most commonly to the inferior vena cava, occasionally into the hepatic vein, portal vein, azygos vein, coronary sinus or the right atrium.
Since the anomalous quartic couplings defined through effective Lagrangians have dimension-8, they have very strong energy dependence.