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These include agenesis, duplication, triplication, anomalously located solitary appendix and the more recently described horseshoe appendix (1).
A positive PNA accompanied by positive ENSO produces an anomalously strong southerly flow in the eastern North Pacific--western North America region (van Loon and Madden, 1981) owing to the stronger Aleutian Low (Szeto et al.
Fehmida Mirza had made the announcement with regard to establishment of committee in the light of resolution adopted by National Assembly and Senate anomalously.
Anomalously, she took to paintings reflecting senses and overt and subconscious memories of the Iowa plains she grew up in while staying located in New York and participating fully in its art scene.
2] uptake and loss in entire ecosystems during anomalously warm years,' said lead author Professor Jay Arnone.
Anomalously, of course, iconoclasts within the Christian faith were frustrated at the Council of Nicaea in 787.
The shift of Poland's borders to the west in 1945 made the country--quite anomalously for its history --appear in size and geographic space as it last did in the thirteenth century.
There is no substantive difference in the pattern of support for Obama over McCain among the small group of 11% of this voter segment who -- somewhat anomalously -- say religion is important in their daily lives.
Issacharoff and Nagareda, however, argue that reliance on collateral review as a means of policing collusive class settlements recreates the problem of the "anomalous court" in a different posture, because some courts may be willing to take anomalously hostile views of the validity of a challenged class settlement.
I WAS reading in The Journal this morning, October 3, an article which reported that councillors, of that region of where I anomalously live, will debate whether "Northumberland should forge stronger economic and transport links with Scotland".
Third, the cheapest pump prices in recorded history are still fresh in our minds and we subconsciously benchmark today's prices by the anomalously low prices we paid in the 1990s.