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To try to defend the lines as the narrator's by claiming them as "one of those favorite interspersed moralizations" or "one of many such moralizing glosses" in the poem is not only to overlook their anomalousness but also, as we shall see, to fail to grasp their subtler implications.
Isaac Arama observes the anomalousness of relocating from a secure house to a fragile dwelling.
In attempting to understand both the great size of the diasporic Jewish population, and the anomalousness of much of the surviving evidence about it, it is necessary to bear in mind the circumstances of the development of Diaspora Judaism: it was not just the result of emigration from Judaea and natural increase.
Due to their difference, their anomalousness, the attempt to export their work beyond Spain failed and, except for Gordillo, they have not been widely recognized by later generations of artists.
2) My point is that the phenomenon of the "fashion monster" did not peter out at the start of the seventeenth century, as the organization of the chapter might suggest; rather, conjunctions of clothes, fashion, women, and physical anomalousness continued well into the seventeenth century and beyond, reflecting more nuanced anxieties about sexual indeterminacy and constituting a further enmeshing and sophisticating of the relations between gender, religion, and the monstrous body.