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Tulkinghorn being always correct and exact; still that does not," says Sir Leicester, "that does not lessen the anomaly, which is fraught with strange considerations--startling considerations, as it appears to me.
It is rather harder for a clergyman: Farebrother seems to be an anomaly.
Murray was so extremely solicitous for the comfort and happiness of her children, and continually talking about it, she never once mentioned mine; though they were at home, surrounded by friends, and I an alien among strangers; and I did not yet know enough of the world, not to be considerably surprised at this anomaly.
Just as we often compare nations by their relative land areas, so if we compare these two worlds in the same way we have the strange anomaly of a larger world within a smaller one!
A strange anomaly was La of Opar--a creature of circumstance torn by conflicting emotions.
He is rather an anomaly," Sir Charles said, humming lightly to himself.
It was that queer anomaly, a salt-water tribe that lived on the lagoon mainland where only bushmen were supposed to live.
I am not clever enough to be able to account for this anomaly in the national character; I can only notice it by way of necessary preparation for the appearance in my little narrative of a personage not frequently seen in writing--a cheerful Scotchman.
Perhaps the correct way of viewing the whole subject, would be, to look at the inheritance of every character whatever as the rule, and non-inheritance as the anomaly.
Now, it is a mere anomaly and incongruity here, out of date and out of purpose.
Imagine a truly respectable and amiable hen, by some portentous anomaly, taking to reflection and inventing combinations by which she might prevail on Hodge not to wring her neck, or send her and her chicks to market; the result could hardly be other than much cackling and fluttering.
1) In 65 to 95% of cases, the anomaly is derived from the second arch.