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Third branchial cleft anomaly presenting as a retropharyngeal abscess.
The cover gas is directed at the material and, if there is a small aperture, hole or anomaly in the material, a change in the electronic charge or "corona beam" (also known as an electron beam, an electrostatic corona or a corona discharge) occurs, which is measured by an AM radio pick-up sensor.
The third crus of the antihelix and another anomaly of the external ear.
Flexible anomaly mitigation support, including ACL, Blackholing, Cisco Guard, etc.
A persistent stapedial artery is a rare vascular anomaly, and it can occur with or without an associated aberrant internal carotid artery.
The Business Signatures anomaly detection approach enables banks to add security without the customer noticing an inhibiting change in their service; as opposed to, for example, adding a challenge question before transactions are allowed," said Peter Relan, chairman and CEO of Business Signatures.
The 2004 survey was also successful and was highlighted by the discovery of one large induced polarization anomaly and several smaller anomalies.
The Tiwipasi anomaly is similar in size, strength and gold coincidence to the Wagyakrom anomaly, where Keegan is currently drilling.
One geophysical feature in particular, identified in the 2005 magnetic and radiometric survey, is interpreted to be a magnetic granodiorite porphyry intrusion and is coincident with a soil anomaly reported by previous claim holder Placer Dome Inc.
Anomaly 2 is parallel to Anomaly 1 and is located 200 meters west of the Itilima gold diggings from between latitude 9,588,000 N and 9,585,600 N.
Anomaly 4 occurs along on the partially covered structural contact between Siegal Volcanics and the Westmoreland Conglomerate.