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It means Anon has thought about something long enough to formulate his own opinions.
PTTEP planned to produce about 35,000 bpd from the Montara field and expected revenue to come in 2011, Anon added.
Anon NO surprise foxes are becoming a menace in Edinburgh.
Anon IT was great to see Jackie Bird back on Reporting Scotland.
I SYMPATHISE with the confusion of Anon (Spend cash on UK first, Your shout, April 11), but with time, effort and a little reading, Anon will realise the 1997-2010 Labour government - particularly Blair, Brown, Balls and Darling - inflicted considerable damage on the UK economy making it incapable of being resilient in a major financial crisis.
Anon NOT everyone being summoned to Atos in Cadogan Street, Glasgow, is a workshy freeloader, as Del the cabbie says.
ANON POLITICAL pundits want to put Gordon Brown in the dock over the Lockerbie bomber but since we haven't managed to get Tony Blair into the dock over the misery of Iraq, it seems a pointless exercise.
Anon IF reader Stewart Crichton lived in a country that had been invaded by foreign soldiers and members of his family had been murdered by them, would he buy a poppy to celebrate this?
ANON THE result of the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election although a good win for Labour was not the meltdown in the Lib Dem vote confidently p re d i c t e d.
Anon I BURST out laughing when my driving test examiner introduced himself by saying: "Hello, I'm Mr McPhail.
ANON I WOULD just like to comment on the free bus passes being scrapped.
Anon DO readers not realise that all lottery draws and results can be found on the BBC red button on your TV?