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These include a single case of myelomeningocele and a single case of anophthalmia with severe oblique facial clefts and amniotic banding.
Morphological studies showed the abnormalities such as distorted axis, cryptophthalmia, anophthalmia, open eyelids, micromelia, phocomelia, agnathia, hydrocephaly, angular tail and subcutaneous hemorrhages.
The participant was "Yaffa," a 13-year-old girl with severe-profound intellectual disability, blindness due to bilateral congenital anophthalmia, and mild conductive hearing disorder.
Two of these died early after birth presenting anophthalmia and brain anomalies and the other survived but presented microphthalmia and microcephaly [3].
Other ocular anomalies were unilateral microphthalmia in 3 cases, unilateral anophthalmia in 1 case, and unilateral microcornea in one case.
James Hughes Carrying the Flame through: Huyton Age: 39 Hometown: Liverpool James's nomination story: "James has a condition called Anophthalmia (born with no eyes) and also has learning disabilities .
06 [micro]g/g BW dose group exhibited sacral spina bifida, anophthalmia (Figure 1E), imbalanced axis, underdeveloped eyes and hemorrhagic spots (Table 1).
In pre-clinical trials of EFV, 3/20 cynomolgus macques exposed to the drug during pregnancy produced offspring with significant abnormalities: one with anencephaly and unilateral anophthalmia, one with microphthalmia and one with a cleft palate.
And it was days before they learned the devastating truth - Thomas was one of only 35 babies born each year in the UK to suffer from a genetic condition called bilateral anophthalmia - meaning he had no eyes.
Early prenatal exposure results in anophthalmia, whereas late prenatal exposure results in folded retina (Acuff-Smith et al.
Among eye defects, Anophthalmia, congenital cataract, corneal opacity, Buphtholmous, congenital retinoblastoma accounted for 20% each.