another resident

See: cotenant
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Another resident who didn't walk much started walking more because of restorative volleyball.
A nursing home resident has a 1-in-400 chance of being injured by another resident, according to experts.
In May 2001, another resident of this nursing home was transported to hospital with GAS bacteremia (index case-patient 3).
But what happens when another resident causes the abuse?
When one family learned their father/husband was involved with another resident, they asked the staff to separate the couple.
another resident of The Willows, waited to resume her massages after falling and spending a week in the hospital because a massage could cause clotting.
If someone has a limited range of motion, you'll often see another resident 'buddy up' to help get the job done.
Another resident has used the Internet to research information for a presentation to other residents about current events.
Another resident with a diagnosis of left hemiplegia and right total knee replacement was treated with a therapy program that included AGS, allowing the caregiver to address both the complications of his hemiplegia while at the same time restoring the strength and function of his functioning lower extremity in standing.
We have just now started to correspond with another Resident Council.
For example, while one resident on a pureed diet might receive a variety of foods, another resident we followed was getting mashed potatoes alone for several days.
Are residents embarrassed by the need to use the bathroom separated from another resident by only a partition?

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