answer back

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0, called Cuttyhunk, features include enhanced key systems unit, IP PBX calling functionality, a hosted desktop fax service and additional calling features, such as page all, page zones, hands-free answer back, call diversion, call screening, multilevel automated attendant and multiple operator capability.
He says he'll answer back, and he's here to love me for me.
The 22 centimeter-tall robot, named Chatty Tom, is equipped with a high-quality central processing unit and can detect English sounds and answer back in English, according to the toymaker.
Well, a mannequin canOt answer back, go out chasing women or leave the toilet seat up.
So I had to have her answer back in English, which is a very first-generation-American thing to do anyway.
When God asks Ezekiel whether or not these bones can live, his response might be humorously interpreted as throwing the answer back to God.
I've bought a dog who's much more reliable and he doesn't answer back.
they'd answer back, offering the latest make-the-potatoes fist pound.
Relatives of the dead men accused the Ministry of Defence of trying to "shift the blame" on to men who cannot answer back.
Anyway, see how easy it is to claim a deep and intimate relationship with someone who can't answer back.
I also feel that it was good for me because, very early on, I had to learn to answer back, so that when people said, `What you doin' 'ere then?