answer conclusively

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It is a question scientists have yet to answer conclusively, although they have come to Meliandou to test great apes and bats as possible sources.
Bernstein of the George Mason Law School in Arlington, Va., explains that torts ask juries to decide whether a defendant's action "is more likely than not to actually have caused the [plaintiff's] injury." Yet seldom tan science answer conclusively that one thing caused another, or even that there's a 51 percent chance that it did.
The story is graced by a wonderfully replete picture of the life of a hamlet in transition to the modern age (thanks to the coming of a trolley line, an enterprise in which both Jims are crucially involved), but succumbs to needless puzzlings as what ought to be its resolution draws near, and, after more than a hundred pages, the reader is still unable to answer conclusively several teasing questions: Did one Jim father one or more of the other's children, and why; and which is telling the story (forty years afterward, to "their" grandchildren), or are they telling it together in a single compound voice?