answer the purpose

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But the greatest objection of all is, that the decisions which would probably result from such appeals would not answer the purpose of maintaining the constitutional equilibrium of the government.
I have a translation by Garnham, Bachelor of Arts, in the LEGENDS OF THE RHINE, but it would not answer the purpose I mentioned above, because the measure is too nobly irregular; it don't fit the tune snugly enough; in places it hangs over at the ends too far, and in other places one runs out of words before he gets to the end of a bar.
If I had wanted anything to confirm me in this view, and to arm me against the remonstrances of every one of my friends, Eustace's letter would have proved more than sufficient to answer the purpose.
So I have been working out a sort of modified gyroscope, and it seems to answer the purpose.
Dragoons, Swiss, Guardsmen, Musketeers, light-horsemen, succeeded one another with a rapidity which might answer the purpose of the host very well, but agreed badly with the views of the four friends.
As far as it would contribute to rendering regulations for the collection of the duties more simple and efficacious, so far it must serve to answer the purposes of making the same rate of duties more productive, and of putting it into the power of the government to increase the rate without prejudice to trade.
We should take well-thought and steadfast steps to answer the purpose, the minister added.
He wrote: "Thinking a good slice of a small farm down Ladypool Lane would answer the purpose and finding it was the property of a gentleman I knew well, it occurred to me I might easily beg a part of this desirable land".
in my own place of business I find old medical folios answer the purpose well: operating chairs, although very imposing and calculated to produce effect, I have not adopted; not finding myself at ease with such things.
Yes, if your soil isn't very rich; otherwise, mulch alone will answer the purpose.
In 1743, Parliament repealed the Gin Act of 1736, acknowledging that "great difficulties and inconveniences have attended the putting the said act in execution, and the same hath not been found effectual to answer the purpose thereby intended .