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It was indeed in line with such a kind of thinking that Balktin's philosophical works with the centrality of ethics such as "Art and Answerability," Toward a philosophy of the Act (1921) and Author and Hero in Aesthetic Activity (1922-24) were composed.
This has clear implications for the attributability, answerability, and accountability of these organizations.
The use of the Game of Thrones, to encourage student participation can provide an effective tool to engage discussion on the topics of ethical philosophies such as utilitarianism, pragmatic egoism, existentialism and answerability. Using the various houses from the Game of Thrones in the lecture provides a link to the ethical principles such as deontological, teleological, and subjective, as they occur in each house and are exemplified by the actions of various characters within those houses.
The norms of answerability: Social theory between Bakhtin and Habermas.
This can also be referred to as 'answerability', where authorities face sceptical questions and explain themselves and their actions in general terms (Goetz and Jenkins 2005).
El answerability resalta la importancia de la transparencia de cualquier acto estatal frente a la ciudadania y del debate ampliado para la toma de decisiones y ejecucion de acciones de gobierno, por lo cual hace referencia tanto a "la dimension informativa-- informar, dar datos, narrar en publico--como a la dimension argumentativa--explicar, dialogar, escuchar--de la rendicion de cuentas, y presupone obligacion y responsabilidad de los funcionarios de acatar y ejercer estas dos funciones" (Hernandez y Arciniegas, 2011, p.
Because AI researchers challenge us to reflect upon our "reflexive ethical answerability," then what better way to approach reflection than by including Korzybski's extensional devices when planning courses and creating learning spaces?
From the outset, Bakhtin adopted a moral imperative in this thinking, introducing concepts such as answerability, authorship and even the notion of love in his earliest lectures and texts as part of the Bakhtin Circle (White & Peters, 2016).
Answerability includes aspects of being responsible, accountable, and being part of an exchange.
The standards for gender gap answerability have never been so hypocritical.
Modi said that he is putting in place a system of accountability and answerability that would end harassment by income tax ( I- T) officials.
Truly speaking, it was a answerability of the Government of Pakistan to keep an eye on fake and substandard products that are sold in various major regions, markets and other prominent places of Pakistan.