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upwards, horizontal and downwards; ensuring accountability readiness that is based on ex-ante and ex-post mechanisms; nurturing forest-related answerability and enforceability; and fostering politically informed monitoring, evaluation and remediation.
This is a result of measures like accountability and answerability," the PM explained.
Only the unity of answerability" (Art and Answerability 1).
El answerability hace referencia a una situacion en la que los funcionarios publicos estan obligados, por un lado, a informar sobre las decisiones que toman--la dimension informativa--, y por otro, a explicar y justificar por que deciden de la manera en que lo hacen--la dimension justificativa--.
I want to claim that the dialogical concepts of answerability and anotherness provide a way of talking about how various movements within nature-oriented literatures ground their action and ground their readers in ethically referential situations aware of difference and responsibility.
They also encourage rooting out corruption (through providing a living wage for workers and discouraging moonlighting for police and intelligence officials) and developing a robust civil culture that demands accountability and answerability from security forces for any human-rights violations they commit after the transition from authoritarian rule.
Therefore the issues of whether the representations were false or were relied upon by Mr Gaydamak, whether they induced him to enter into the Settlement Agreement, whether Mr Leviev had knowledge of General Kopelipa's fraud which precluded him from enforcing the Settlement Agreement, or, Mr Leviev's answerability for procurement of the fraud made it liable to be set aside, did not arise.
3 21st-century First terrorism is predicated on an effort to transmute the world,4 with an inspirational idea,5 a want for execution and answerability only to a divinity.
This answerability is revealed in his decision to leave the relative security of New York's Union Theological Seminary to return to the precarious condition of Germany under Hitler.
But the orthodoxy of his interpretations with respect to conventional views of how each medium serves the warrant for expressiveness, leads too often to proliferating familiar kinds of questions rather than discerning a new horizon of answerability.
In fact the criteria measuring a good or a bad research--clarity, specificity, answerability, interconnectedness, substantively relevancy--that I have set for my approach do not ignore uncertainty and subjectivity.
But greater answerability offers better protection because they'd have to justify what they do in our name, instead of covering their backs.