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After the question has been answered, an administrator checks the answer (an important step, as IPL reference is chiefly an educational enterprise and many of the answerers are students still in the process of learning reference techniques) and then removes the item from the category.
The SPP-M900 adds an all-digital answerer for a suggested $299.
Dworkin cited several factors that have contributed to the demise of the adjunct answerer.
PhoneMate has concentrated on answering machines and phones--both corded and cordless-integrated with answerers.
The company will have two stand-alone cordless phones, models FF1720 and FF1740; one cordless phone with an all-digital answerer, model FF1725, and one cordless phone with an integrated Caller ID Capability, model FF2000.
Oblak said PhoneMate's main concentration will continue to be in answering machines and phones - both corded and cordless - integrated with answerers.
Tony Kurec, a member of the MLO Editorial Advisory Board and a frequent "Tips from the Clinical Experts" answerer in MLO, gave a lively, often humorous, presentation that offered pragmatic advice on creating strategies and systems to enable an orderly, well planned succession of staff to leadership positions in labs--and exploded a few myths along the way.
I could assume she's a blackmailer, or an agony aunt for a women's magazine, or a compulsive answerer of lonely heart adverts.
This software tracks how long a message is listened to by a live answerer for billing purposes, without the answerer knowing such measurement is occurring.
Look for problems such as the phone answerer "marketing" the service before listening to the caller's concerns and needs.
At 159b25-7, he explains that 'if the view laid down be one that is not generally accepted (endoxon) or rejected (adoxon), but only by the answerer, then the standard whereby the latter must judge what is generally accepted or not, and must grant or refuse to grant the point asked, is himself' (trans.