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More descriptions provided make it easier for the Answerer to provide the correct answer; this results in higher scores to both the Describer and Answerer.
How to foster a student's autoclitic learn units, occasioned by reading and by the questioner (speaker) and the answerer (listener) being the solitary "thinker" (Catania, 1998; Skinner, 1957), is a challenge for behavior analysis.
From the outset of Life is Beautiful, Guido is positioned to be the hero, the answerer of riddles and liberator of his family.
At Delphi, the human querent was enjoined to acknowledge the divine essence of the sacred answerer before being admitted to his presence.
Raj Singh, owner, operator, phone answerer, trash dumper and general "make-it-happen-guy" at Eagle is a sterling gent and an old friend to all of us.
Academic answerer of a cientifc unit to a change of educacional paradigm in a chilean university of rectors council
For as long as it is not clear in how many senses a term is used, it is possible that the answerer and the questioner are not directing their minds upon the same thing: whereas when once it has been made clear how many meanings there are, and also upon which of them the former directs his mind when he makes his assertion, the questioner would then look ridiculous if he failed to address his argument to this.
For example, in answers to questions ja usually indicates that the answerer is deliberating before coming up with an answer or that the demands of the question are not met.
It would be as if in 20 questions, the answerer had two objects in mind and answered "yes" when it was appropriate for either object.
He elaborates on the skill of questioning that the pastor must possess, and concludes with a simple illustration of how the pastor may resort to homely examples "when the answerer sticks":
Many of the given opinions are lasting insights, but were the above question ever put, the answerer would quite often have to hesitate.