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Ants may be small, but they have a lot going for them.
For example, mutualistic interaction between invasive ant and aphid plays a fundamental role in the establishment and spread of ant invasion (Wilder et al.
Caption: The tropical ant Pachycondyla villosa will rescue itself from a splashdown by moving deftly through the water toward shore.
The wildlife charity says that ants should be left alone where possible, as birds like wrens, robins and sparrows will welcome them as a snack.
Speaking of ant bites, if you live in the southern one-third of the United States, you probably know all about fire ants.
Before these studies, it was thought that the fire ant was not dominant in its native land.
Other scientists have tried to figure out how ants know when another ant is dead.
You'll need to kill them with ant bait (see the next step).
To narrow his search, Fisher chose 140 sites--each with a unique combination of soil type and rainfall--to chase down these large ant colonies.
Obviously, ``The Ant Bully'' is going to contain some echoes of previous movies like ``Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,'' ``A Bug's Life'' and ``Antz.
Have you ever noticed tiny ants crawling over a piece of popsicle that had been dropped in the grass?