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I wasn't there, so I don't know to what extent if any they were antagonised, aided and abetted by their counterparts from Coventry.
Legal experts said his style antagonised juries and the O J factor went against his clients.
A COVENTRY Muslim has told how young Muslims are feeling "antagonised" as religious and community leaders at mosques in the city and throughout the country were today asked to be on the lookout for possible terrorist activity.
Worse still, it antagonised many commuters whose prime concern was to get to work but who found themselves stuck behind two slow moving lorries on one of the region's busiest stretches of road.
The 36-year-old admitted he antagonised the bull by hitting it on the head with a newspaper before it separated from the herd and attacked him.
I'm not saying Linfield people weren't drunk, but they were antagonised and it was unnecessary.