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It is also in agreement to Dix & Webster [18], wherein organisms which are more successful in competing for available substrates will prevent supplies reaching others and thus will create an antagonism.
Similarly, if the upper confidence limit was lower than the calculated additivity, the observed antagonism was considered to be significant (Deminie et al.
The antagonism with the Orient was seriously damaged; and today, the West does not have the opportunity and power to restore this damage.
What does change in late eighteenth century England, Collings argues, is the representation of the bodies involved in this structure of antagonism.
Mel Gibson has shown nothing but antagonism and disrespect to Jews.
The next two cases in the antagonistic defenses lineage never mentioned or involved antagonism.
He demonstrates again the east-west antagonism as the main factor, and not religion as such,
Three years after the first research was done, those who scored higher on antagonism or low agreeableness - especially those who were manipulative and quick to express anger-continued to have thickening of their artery walls.
Summary: Antagonism should be viewed with as much identical perception of human threat as that of terrorism.
CDATA[ Despite Turkish antagonism towards Israel, business is business: A joint Turkish-Israeli project to upgrade 170 Turkish tanks has been completed.
THE antagonism and anger between BA and the Unite union in their industrial dispute has led to deadlock.