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These antagonisms, though, remain a deadly threat to the collective because those who harbor active antagonisms have greater opportunity to practice it and have a greater reach to the public.
The region is a set of sub-regions, made up of state-to-state antagonisms, territorial disputes and feuds.
Another way to put it is that antagonisms between east and west developed over millennia of interactions as different peoples passed over and conquered the lands between Europe and Asia.
Facing that magnitude of threat, European powers that were normally jealous and hostile to one another suppressed their mutual antagonisms to defeat the armies of Islam and their brutal Tartar Allies.
It is not as large as Northern Ontario, but certainly subject to the same kind of sense of difference and, at times, frictions and even antagonisms between different parts of the region I was working in.
After 12 years of civil war, a group of Muslim and Christian Lebanese have worked through their antagonisms and bitter memories to a point where they can express publicly their shame and pain and subsequent forgiveness and healing.
Back then, we found evidence of partnerships, protocols and plenty of good intentions on both sides-but we also found that underneath the gloss, the old antagonisms remained.
I'm interested in directly embracing the theater implied by these things, in bracketing those antagonisms instead of going one route and making it hyperbolic.
In 1968, Johnson declared, "the old antagonisms which we call the `Cold War' must fade--and I believe they will 'fade under stable, enlightened leadership.
During the Cold War, well-publicized antagonisms between East and West dictated that the United Nations not be able to establish its own permanent UN military operations.
This meant that conflicts over military and foreign policy raised the stakes of liberal-socialist antagonisms in Germany more often and more intensely than in Sweden.