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Unlike opioid addiction, where effective agonist and antagonist medications have become first-line treatment strategies that control cravings and offer a pathway to longterm recovery, there are no approved medication treatments for stimulant addiction.
POSSIBLE DRUG DRUG NAME INTERACTIONS Namenda[R] (memantine) Other NMDA antagonist medications, Blocks the toxic effects including amantadine, an antiviral used to associated with excess treat the flu, dextromethorphan, prescribed glutamate and regulates to relieve coughs due to colds or flu, and glutamate activation.
There are three types of medications that can be employed in the treatment of addiction: aversive medications (Antabuse for alcohol use disorders); agonist medications for maintenance or withdrawal in opioid dependence treatment (methadone and buprenorphine); and antagonist medications that block the effects of the drug (Campral for alcohol dependence and naltrexone and Vivitrol for both alcohol and opioid use disorders).