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said: "With GBR 830 Glenmark has succeeded in generating a truly antagonistic OX40 antibody.
In whatever version, the basic idea of the doctrine is that although defendants indicted jointly for the same criminal transaction normally will be tried jointly, the trial court must try them separately if their defenses are so antagonistic that one or more defendant would suffer prejudice from a joint trial.
Since L-carnosine is mainly synthesized in the skeletal muscles of mammals, it is not unreasonable to postulate that L-carnosine is an endogenous factor controlling the blood pressure in a manner possibly antagonistic to the obesity-associated hypertensive effect of leptin.
absolutely" necessary that all stakeholders unite behind the national goal for STEM higher education) and are antagonistic to education research.
It entails a hard surface cleaning composition that contains a multiple emulsion system that is oil-in-water-in-oil type or water-in-oil-in-water type and at least two mutually incompatible or antagonistic active ingredients separated in the system by an oily or aqueous phase.
When it is known that protesters have weapon in their hands, engagement of citizens into alternative antagonistic mass events should be avoided, human rights activists and the Association of Civil Society Support Centers concluded.
693) note that this approach does not account for antagonistic behavior of ortho-substituted PCBs or the agonistic or antagonistic behavior and toxicity of non-chlorinated AhR ligands such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons, indoles, and flavonoids.
will allow antagonistic properties to be combined in one material or the inclusion of different properties that together deliver the enhanced performance required by innovative automotive and thin-wall food-packaging applications," Borealis says.
Humanity's wants and needs are often antagonistic to the environment's health.
Therefore, the objectives of this research work is to investigate the nature and establish the use of chemical metabolites produced by isolates as an antagonistic measures against the resident pathogenic fungi of Sweet cassava starch.
announced today that they have entered into a license and collaborative research and development agreement under which Kirin and Astellas will exclusively collaborate in developing and marketing a fully human anti-CD40 antagonistic monoclonal antibody ("CD40 antagonistic mAb") worldwide.