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We evaluated the potential for isolating novel bioactive compound-producing actinobacteria from the special ecosystem of saxicolous lichens by colony counts and species numbers of actinobacteria, and evaluation of their antagonistic activity followed by identification of dominant and valued actinobacterial species.
Isolation, purification and identification of antagonistic fungi: Soils from 20 different fields of Ismailia, Egypt were collected in sterile polyethylene bags.
One pharmacological study investigated the dose-response curves of anticholinesterase drugs and showed that the antagonistic actions of anticholinesterase drugs were weakened during sepsis.
Biological control using antagonistic fungi and bacteria has been reported to suppress Fusarium wilt (Suryanto et al.
The study prepared by the Gulf Centre for Strategic Studies said that more than 160 antagonistic statements were issued by Iranians in the two-year period.
Thus, this study was carried out to confirm the antagonistic ability of the non phytopathogenic fungi associated with crown rot of guava which could further lead to their utilization as biological control agents against phytopathogenic fungi.
Often there's an almost antagonistic attitude between OTTs and telcos.
Presently, the product is assessed in Phase I/II clinical trials and is based on a new next generation antagonistic somatostatin analogue with improved receptor binding to sst2.
The aim of the present work was to study influence and antagonistic action of dairy LAB on several foodborne pathogens and to select pathogen-inhibiting strains among the endogenous LAB of the artisanal Calabrian raw milk cheese Pecorino del Poro.
I suggest she focus more on the "Um" part of her name and spend less time putting the world to rights with antagonistic letters.
Children learn their behaviour from watching their elders and so if they see their mothers scrapping, being antagonistic and generally flouting the rules of common decent society in favour of their own feral codes then they are bound to follow suite.
The testing ground for creation and transmission of precedent that is examined in this article involves the Illinois state courts' doctrine of antagonistic defenses--Illinois' version of a doctrine that exists in nearly all American state or federal jurisdictions.