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Poe's 1840 title, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, is evidently taken from the Schlegels and is placing Poe in a new context (Poe is set in the "vortex" of German theory from Tieck and the Schlegels, to Jean Paul through his "identification of fantasy with, on one hand, unexpectedness and avoidance of proportion, and, on the other, with a work of imagination that combines the beautiful and the deformed, the antagonistical and the incongruous, into a harmonious, truthful, beautiful work of 'humor'" (Cotrau 1999: 24): "Just as God's 'objective' universe is an 'ironical' reminder of the 'subjective' Creator pervading all things, so also is the artist's objective literary creation an ironical reminder of his subjective Self pervading and enlivening his whole work.
In that context, "perverseness" is noted by the narrator to mean the death wish in the unconscious, for "the desire to be well is not only not aroused, but a strongly antagonistical sentiment exists" (VI: 147).