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Together, REV and KAN1 antagonistically regulate the expression of a number of genes encoding auxin signaling and transport components [16, 17].
Adiponectin and leptin act antagonistically on liver fibrogenesis and inflammation [68].
It is known that pollution-related stress and natural environmental stress act synergistically or, rarely, antagonistically, and largely determine the response of an organism to disease-causing agents (Lauckner 1983).
Sires with degrading mPTA and high antagonistically related maternal and direct genetic components further emphasizes the consideration for existing calf sizes and pelvic dimension of the dams at birth in the Korean Holsteins.
A speedier discovery plot more often than not devours higher preparing power and at the same time, it antagonistically affects recognition exactness.
The victory of the communist Soviet Union over Nazi Germany provided legitimacy to the Yugoslav communist regime in the eyes of the majority of the population, who were either apolitical or highly frightened and antagonistically disposed towards the communist government.
The activation of p38-[beta]MAPK can induce the hypertrophy of myocardial cells while the activation of p38-aMAPK can antagonistically rival against the above function and lead to cell apoptosis [19].
The latter infects the convergence time and the amplitude of the oscillations antagonistically.
Probably some phytochemicals from honey and spices acted antagonistically and reduced each others influence on microorganisms.
The market selects an optimal probability scenario {[[theta].sup.*](t) | t [member of] [0, T]} to maximize the minimal expected quadratic deviation and the insurer reacts antagonistically by choosing an optimal portfolio processes {[[??].sup.*](t) | t [member of] [0, T]} to minimize the expected quadratic deviation of [X.sup.[??]](T) to k.
Moreover, this study will provide information whether co-administration of bentonite and vitamin E behave synergistically or antagonistically in Cr intoxicated broilers.
Life of individuals in addition to animals is being antagonistically influenced by the exceptionally harmful pollutants [1].