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A narrow in silico promoter analysis was performed on genes identified as anti-correlated or antagonistically regulated to identify response elements for GR and ER.
The CHD3 chromatin remodeler PICKLE and polycomb group proteins antagonistically regulate meristem activity in the Arabidopsis root.
By marking out belonging and identity, identity discourse contributes significantly to the positioning of social performers (individual and/or collective) that it describes antagonistically.
As an alternative pattern, allusions to the Perceval myth can be found in texts of popular culture alongside allusions to the Oedipal paradigm, 'independently,' or antagonistically to it.
In the contemporary sense this exhibits itself in the stereotype of the islander of territorial mentality, antagonistically local, and prone to a distaste for modern life.
The Times seems committed to keeping it in the family; the current contenders include Andrew Pollack, who writes for both the business and science sections; Denise Caruso, who writes frequently on biotechnology (almost always antagonistically and inaccurately); and Michael Pollan, who pens anti-technology, anti-business screeds for the Sunday Magazine.
We hypothesize dual expression of 5 and 7TM VPAC1 may act antagonistically with regard to intracellular cAMP elevation.
Males spiraled counterclockwise (from the base) but female reproductive tracts antagonistically curved clockwise (from the outer opening).
The tension derives from the fact that the two suppliers are in a position to collaborate yet they do so reluctantly and even antagonistically.
The debate includes parties which are quite closely aligned, and parties which are quite antagonistically opposed to each other.
Conversations with newsmakers and presidential candidates that might last a few minutes on any other morning show sometimes last twice as long, with the hosts peppering the guests with questions that take them off their talking points--but not antagonistically.
If however, gravistimulated internodal cells arc illuminated from below, gravity and light act antagonistically and light can overcome the gravity signal.