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Meanwhile, other excluded nations will also be antagonized - Pakistan must be alarmed by the casual talk of someday bringing India under the umbrella.
In contrast, these same PCBs antagonized SXR, blocking the expression of target genes and inhibiting the human body's ability to physiologically counteract harmful effects of exposure (several less stable PCBs did not antagonize SXR, however).
They antagonized advocates, AARP got involved, the legislature created an oversight committee, and the backlash generated SB 190," says Jim Lehrman, deputy commissioner for Long Term Care Regulatory, Department of Human Services (DHS).
In the course of announcing, explaining, and exemplifying the coming reign of God, Jesus antagonized all the powerful social groups who saw no need for any changes that might have an impact on their roles.
Covering the same ground in her 1989 autobiography, Holding On to the Air, she had antagonized some reviewers for discussing Balanchine in a manner they had found arrogant, and even a bit brattish.
His ideas antagonized both the church and the gentry, who attacked him bitterly and persecuted him.
This approach impedes growth and development of the institution, creates dissension among the medical staff when members not involved feel antagonized and/or ignored, and excludes majority input.