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ANTECEDENT. Something that goes before. In the construction of laws, agreements, and the like, reference is always to be made to the last antecedent; ad proximun antecedens fiat relatio. But not only the antecedents but the subsequent clauses of the instrument must be considered: Ex antecedentibus et consequentibus fit optima interpretatio.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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("Poetry necessarily without poems.") Its antecedence is that of a dynamic, one which cannot be reduced to an array of "poetic objects." Past monuments, Ozymandias-like; aggrandised bits of cultural detritus.
(2) Each rule in individual consists three parts: rule control, antecedence and class label.
In Bradley's neat formula, Heidegger's philosophy is 'less [about] the technologisation of phusis than the ontological "naturalisation" of technology' (p75), and the question becomes once again that of antecedence versus retroactive constitution, of the kind which, although Bradley does not mention it (as opposed to the ontico-ontological difference, pp81, 85), Derrida asks of Heidegger in 'Geschlecht I' in relation to primacy about the division between ontological and sexual difference: (1) can such a structural ontologisation of technics proceed without recognising a prior given ontics of matter that legitimates its foundations and revealability (p81; p177, n.
a) To explore the antecedence of psychological empowerment because of the inadequate awareness of it in prior research.
While the antecedence of this convenient construction of the gift relationship may be open to question (Krier, 2008; Thompson, 1991), the contemporary power vested in landownership has meant that those who have inherited land have also inherited the power to 'dictate' the way that others receive the gift, especially for consumptive activities such as leisure.
"This has turned the system on its head.Now, instead of you paying a bribe to get public services like electricity connection, tap connection, ration card, driving license, revenue papers, FIR copy, antecedence, passport clearance, house building permission and scores of similar other services, the officials involved in delaying or denying such services within the prescribed time frame have to pay a fine out of their salaries which shall be given to the affected consumer", he explained.
He said that the Iranian nation has deep roots and has stood firmly and strongly against enemies all throughout the history and different parts of it are named on the basis of strong and irrefutable historical documents and antecedence, an advanced and bright culture and civilization as well as a powerful sovereignty.
Among the most interesting aspects of this three-volume work, as Chiasson observes, is its antecedence to more recent work in psychoacoustics.
Rorty's implicit (and at times explicit) advice to feminists is that they must move beyond the principles of antecedence, priority, and discontinuity embedded in objectivist ontology, principles especially challenged by Historicism and Pragmatism.
He is, in other words, not an "author," if an author is imagined to bear "the same relation of antecedence to his work as a father to his child" and "to furnish it with a final signified" (Barthes 145, 147).
[1]This essay deals with the immediate antecedence of Germany's annexation of Austria.
Temporal antecedence, by contrast, can be defined in a rigorous manner, if anything can.