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ANTECEDENT. Something that goes before. In the construction of laws, agreements, and the like, reference is always to be made to the last antecedent; ad proximun antecedens fiat relatio. But not only the antecedents but the subsequent clauses of the instrument must be considered: Ex antecedentibus et consequentibus fit optima interpretatio.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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during this paper, to create an economical and secure knowledge sharing system in cloud computing, we have a tendency to projected a notion referred to as RS-IBE, that supports identity revocation and cipher text update at the same time specified a revoked user is prevented from accessing antecedently shared knowledge, similarly as afterward shared knowledge.
My task here is to show that the Catholic constitution of liberty is indeed a constitution for our antecedently cherished principles of liberty.
Furthermore, Han Feizi emphasizes that the rulers who succeed in inhabiting their powerful positions so smoothly and organically will be those who antecedently possess a certain nobility of bearing.
First: we can simply stipulate that a sentence with one LF--from an antecedently uninterpreted artificial language--has the same truth-condition as an old sentence with some other LF.
(30) Alfred North Whitehead, a Renaissance man in his own right, may have been one of the first to have acknowledged Christianity's influence upon science, when he matter-of-factly maintained in 1925 that "faith in the possibility of science, generated antecedently to the development of modern scientific theory, is an unconscious derivative from medieval theology." (31) Also, not to be ignored, is the fact that there were clergymen, like Roger Bacon, Albert the Great, Nicolaus Steno, and Roger Boscovich, as well as numerous others, who were stellar scientists.
'Christ's Church of Saints, of believers, is God's House,' he argued, 'By the Church of Christ, I understand, primarily the whole Multitude of them, who antecedently, are chosen of his Father, and given unto him.' (81) He argued that a true gospel church should be constituted only of 'elect, believers ...
In this regard, at the outset of Chapter 2 Setiya will reply to the objection that, in order to be justified in believing p on the basis of evidence q, one must be antecedently justified in believing the conditional, if q then p, by arguing that the kind of justification that may be antecedently required is propositional, not doxastic.
(26.) Intergalactic travel in spaceships is impossible, given the distances and constraints on speed involved; but that does not stop writers of science fiction from inventing spacecraft that can travel faster than the speed of light, that being a requirement of the plot, even though science declares such speeds antecedently impossible.
The transitive domain depends upon the activity of scientists and contains objects of knowledge, which include antecedently established facts, theories, paradigms, models, methods, and techniques.
Malick's creation sequence is full of profound beauty and awe, and it helps make one aware of the incredible process that antecedently led to our individual and collective existence.
The religious belief, or the Christian belief, is that God exists independently of the world, antecedently to the world--he exists before the world--and he creates the world and he governs the world.