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To get to the stone, they will have to step into Houdin's theorised antechambers and also enter the newly discovered void.
On both east and west sides of the porch two antechambers for men and women were built and are connected to the courtyard by staircase.
Though, this could prove to be merely coincidental since the sample of hypogea from Outeiro Alto 2 is too small to allow for interpretations based on patterns, besides, the site of Montinhos 6, pits within antechambers were also identified and these had different orientations than the ones proposed earlier (Baptista et al.
It leads us into two consecutive antechambers and a main chamber containing a stone bed and urns.
plunge down the rabbit-hole, at which point "Inception" takes on dizzying levels of complexity as the characters navigate the chambers and antechambers of Fischer's mind.
That takes Prochnik to those antechambers of hell, the retail clothing stores that pump high-pressure noises among the racks of trendy threads.
Rather than have an intimate boudoir in which the Marschallin and her young lover, Octavian, are traditionally discovered in Act I, Pabst created a series of connecting chambers and antechambers spreading out on either side of the Marschallin's bedroom (as one finds in many 18th-century palaces).
Robing the king was an elaborate 90-minute ritual each morning, with attendants crowding the antechambers awaiting their turn to enter.
even if his] house of fiction, for all its flights of stairs, antechambers, labyrinthine libraries, annexes, sliding panels, trapdoors, secret rooms, chambers of horrors and ornate carvings, is a bit gim-crack.
In the large rectangular volume, two antechambers flank the main hall.
In the great domestic machines of the Renaissance an asymmetrical sequence of rooms associated with rank, namely, the progression from grand sala to smaller and more private antechambers, which culminates in a tiny but precious studiolo, came to be accommodated behind facades that appear completely symmetrical.