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ANTEDATE. To, put a date to an instrument of a time before the time it was written. Vide Date.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Gregory Hamilton at the May 6, 2004, meeting of the American Psychiatric Association alleges that an Oregon man with lung cancer was given a lethal prescription even though he had a history of psychological problems, including depression, alcoholism, and previous suicide attempts that long antedated his cancer diagnosis.
Impressive examples found so far come from the world of medicine (oesophageal, antedated from 1807 to 1786; pelvic, antedated from 1828 to 1799), botany (three out of the four senses of peduncle have been antedated), textiles (organdie, antedated from 1785 to 1714), and architecture (periperal, antedated from 1826 to 1768).
A section of Aegisthus' monologue describing the crime that antedated and precipitated the play's events--Aegisthus' father, Thyestes, being treated to a dinner of his kids by his brother Atreus--opens the play.
In 1995, after the initial joint acquisition with Notre Dame, Theodore Karp, a distinguished Midwestern musicologist at an institution not yet a Newberry partner, brought to the Newberry's attention a liturgical codex copied in about 1300 that contained a rare example of Aquitanian neumatic notation, a form of musical notation that antedated the square notation customarily found in late medieval manuscripts and early printed tomes.
He called his tractor the Fordson, observing: "The planning of the tractor really antedated that of the motor car." Ever since he had been a boy on the farm it had been a Ford goal "to lift farm drudgery off flesh and blood and lay it on steel and motors." When he added to this achievement a labor policy so generous that it literally took firehoses to control the mobs of men flooding into Detroit to work for Ford, his name was one of the most respected in America.
Herodotus, according to Starr, antedated the trend of rationalistic chronologism as the political biases of later historiographers; and he presents a "picture of a leading Greek power, busy in the Peloponnesus yet not easily conquering its neighbors; active too on the seas to the point of launching far more impressive naval expeditions than did contemporary Athens; influential as far as Italy on the one side and Asia Minor on the other" (33).
Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson, among others, all presumed the supremacy of American civilization and antedated Roosevelt in using bipolar categories to justify U.S.
Walls maintains that missions theory in the period derived less from Enlightenment thinking than from a Christendom mindset that antedated it.
Each of these three current sums of the Ps has different persistence conditions: the aggregate antedated both me and my body by millions of years and will outlast us; my body antedates me (it was once a fetus and I have never been a fetus: for I am essentially a person, and a human body, when it is a fetus, does not yet have the right causal capacities to be--or to constitute--a person) and may outlast me (it will if it becomes a corpse or a "vegetable").
Attacks on civilians by Colombian guerrillas and right- wing paramilitaries in Darien antedated Plan Colombia (see EcoCentral, 1997-05-01), but Jimenez says the increased violence there in recent months gives the US a pretext to pressure Panama to cooperate with its policies.
The law (antedated by some state-level reforms) accelerated a decrease in welfare caseloads that had begun in 1994.
Empedocles "(582-507)" is antedated by nearly one century.