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ANTEDATE. To, put a date to an instrument of a time before the time it was written. Vide Date.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I here call attention to another appearance of this noun which antedates every citation but the earliest in 1847.
Like any other reviewer, this reviewer has the inevitable quibbles ("priestly kings" are not known from the Indus civilization; the compass surely antedates 1119 A.D., and so on), but, in a work of this sort, it is hardly worth making an issue of them.
However, an anonymous contributor to the Critical Review (1756-1817) antedates this recording by almost thirty years.
Martin Stevens graphically antedates the typological convention of the world as stage to late-medieval archetypes, emphasizing the mappa mundi as a controlling image imposed on dedicated theatre spaces or even on an entire city.
Theoretical reflection in literary studies antedates the arrival of `literary theory', and there is no reason to dispense with `literary aesthetics' or with philosophy in general when it comes to pursuing inquires into the evaluation and interpretation of literature.
Keegan begins by arguing that while warfare antedates the state, diplomacy, and strategy by millennia, it does not antedate culture.
The political cartoon, making an editorial point by means of such devices as caricature and pictorial symbols, antedates the purely humorous cartoon, in which the drawing often serves merely as an illustration for a comical caption.
antedates the term "biblical theology" and can be traced back to certain intrabiblical interpretations.
"Low urinary PLGF antedates the clinical diagnosis of preeclampsia and may serve as a screening test to predict who will develop early-onset disease," Dr.
He argues that humanism's reformative impact on the nature of the book, the demand for quality in the text and high readability, antedates printing, having developed from the time of Petrarch and that, despite the importance that has been attached to the emergence of the silent reader, humanism remained traditional in privileging spoken over written language.
I can't know (after all, this period antedates my birth or, at best, coincides with my earliest childhood).
or first century C.E., it appears that the synagogue as a gathering of people antedates the development of a distinctive architectural type.