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CHEQUE POINT: John Winlow, lodge secretary of the Huddersfield Royal Antedeluvian Order of Buffaloes, presents the cheque to community fundraiser Nicky Doyle and Hollybank students Fiona and Jordan (PW200210Ccheque-0.1pg)
Antedeluvian rainforests like this once sprawled across some two-thirds of the Australian continent.
(To put this in antedeluvian perspective, this was before the advent of VHS, so I had to use a special projector that allowed one to stop the frame in the gate to examine it without burning the film.) Most of the courses were at night, and I have fond memories of standing on the packed bus back down to the subway beside Robin after a long, exhausting day, still discussing film with unembarrassed enthusiasm.
1863 [a racialized call-to-arms] "Antedeluvian World," 30 May 1863 [a biblical study] "Composed on the Death of Willie James," 21 May 1864 [an elegy]
Rickety covered carriages, their fluorescent triangles lighting up in Assmann's headlights, rattled along in front of the dented Chevrolet; heavy horse teams pulled a variety of seemingly antedeluvian farm equipment into commodious barns on both sides of the road; the first candles were being lit in the windows of the large, well-painted, white farm houses.
But who, from the antedeluvian age, knows what 125mls is?
However, he is coruscating about the 'antedeluvians' who stand in the way of progress, who own slum housing with hideously poor drainage, who refuse to allow new homes to be built, new wells to be dug.