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It was a bold, not to say preposterous, idea to conceive even antediluvian trees, with branches strong enough to bear animals as large as elephants.
Bean't queer at all, as I can see, sir," says mine host, handing back our glass, "seeing as this here is the Blawing Stwun, his self," putting his hand on a square lump of stone, some three feet and a half high, perforated with two or three queer holes, like petrified antediluvian rat-holes, which lies there close under the oak, under our very nose.
You are right, my dear friend," he said, "yet what you say possesses, shall we call it, a somewhat antediluvian flavour.
The wooden dining-room stuck out over the mud of the shore like a lacustrine dwelling; the planks of the floor seemed rotten; a decrepit old waiter tottered pathetically to and fro before an antediluvian and worm-eaten sideboard; the chipped plates might have been disinterred from some kitchen midden near an inhab ited lake; and the chops recalled times more ancient still.
It is an extremely proud and pleasant thing, sir, to be an antediluvian,' said the old lady.
These fellows demonstrate a hidden meaning in "The Antediluvians," a parable in Powhatan," new views in "Cock Robin," and transcendentalism in "Hop O' My Thumb.
May 28, 1915: The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes donated its second PS600 ambulance to the Red Cross in Huddersfield used to transfer wounded soldiers to hospitals in the Huddersfield area.
Mackay, Scudamore and their like must certainly expect that the kind of closed shop that allowed their antediluvian attitudes to endure is over.
So, yes, he's got some antediluvian and downright insulting views on gays but he's spot on with this one.
While Pakistan merits some applause for reinforcing its efforts with amplified remunerations for polio workers, allotment of security measures and the inclusion of progressive clerics to curb Islamist attacks, it still faces the task of reconditioning a mindscape indoctrinated with antediluvian notions.
Over the years, a lot of Fred's spare time has been spent with the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (the Buffs), while Connie has always loved the movies, with musicals a favourite.
It was fantastic to get so much support, financially and otherwise, from Alcoa, The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes and so many more.