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The donation was raised by the Wallasey & District Province Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) with help from the Ladies of the Jade and Bluebell Glades and the members of the Parkview Social Club RAOB.
We've watched the show often enough to see that too many adult contestants feel shamed, and even held up for inadvertent ridicule, for the antediluvian practice to persist in these allegedly more sensitive and caring times.
With more than forty artists, including Ei Arakawa, GCC, Isa Genzken, Camille Henrot, Josh Kline, and Hito Steyerl, we can assume that what unfolds across a menagerie of venues chosen for their "paradessence" (paradox + essence) will attempt to prove that deterministic interpretations of anything that can be seen, said, or sold are antediluvian.
It is time to honour people without inflicting them with this antediluvian word 'empire"' - Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow takes issue with with the titles MBE, OBE and CBE, all of which include that word.
Part of the shock came from Silverman's sweet delivery, part from the unasked-for visual of Silverman grinding her crotchal region against the antediluvian fluorescent-haired billionaire's, and part from Silverman's helpful attempt to demo scissoring on her very small dog.
The present study does not seek to address the extended lifespan of several figures in the antediluvian generations, for which there are already at least two competing explanations, one based on the "Metonic Cycle" and one based on the "sexagesimal system augmented by seven.
And last but certainly least, Sir David Jason's BBC antique Still Open All Hours returned in all its antediluvian glory.
jokes are antediluvian but the CGI is state the ark.
All this took place in that antediluvian era when gender applied solely to French and German tables and chairs, books had not yet become texts, and gay was a synonym for jolly.
GIVEN the current shortage of houses and the consistent failure of the nanny state to address the problem is it now time to change antediluvian regimes and privatise the planning system in England and Wales?
I wonder if this The Peak Amwaj developer would consider giving a lecture on 'Business acumen in the 21st century', to my antediluvian developer.
This Roman way of operating is antediluvian and un-Christian.