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develops and delivers industry-unique fixed wireless and WiMAX , flat panel antenna solutions spanning the entire radio frequency range (0.
Ethertronics designs and manufactures high-performance standard and customized embedded antenna solutions for wideband and multi-band wireless devices.
Airgain is the leading smart antenna innovator improving wireless connectivity for the mass market through its patented switched-beam technology and modular smart antenna products.
Over the past several years, we have listened to our customers and partners closely to understand their needs and the demands of this dynamic market," said Jim Hemmer, President and CEO of Antenna Software.
In house test facilities include antenna test ranges, varying in length from 8 meters to 300 meters.
These antennas, designed to enhance the single port reader's performance, are not only the smallest and lightest antennas available but also deliver the highest performance.
With Ethertronics' antenna integration, feature-packed handsets such as the Samsung SGH-D900 and SGH-D830 are able to perform a variety of applications via a slim form factor.
Low Profile Antennas Offer Excellent Communications Functionality on Interior and Exterior Applications
The integrated enclosure and antenna provides very low cost, highly professional and esthetically pleasing CPE solution to equipment companies and integrators.
Despite previous books on UWB systems for radar systems and more recently, communications, no book exists that deals with the antennas and propagation of UWB for both communication and radar systems.
The Stella Netamorphic Antenna is also the first in the world to produce equal radio frequency (RF) power across the entire cell.
Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of high performance antenna solutions for mobile handsets, portable devices and laptop computers.