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Although primary word stress move to the antepenultimate, that is third-from-the-last syllables of these, rious suffixed words.
Lewis, Poetry, and The Great War, for a close reading of the antepenultimate draft of this paper, and for a number of other courtesies.
Austen juxtaposes Anne's shame for her genteel family in the antepenultimate paragraph with her close relations to "'a mere Mrs.
Zwick (2003) argued that in Plecoptera, the first small rudiments of wingpads appear in the antepenultimate instar, and the definite shape is reached during subsequent molts.
A case in point takes up Senes's antepenultimate chapter, dedicated to German expressionist poet Gottfried Benn.
The antepenultimate and penultimate reflections concern Augustine, with G.
So he obscures the next-to-last, as well as the antepenultimate.
The grandfather becomes a guardian of the threshold, "a crocodile belonging to the antepenultimate generation" (197), and like the crocodiles of Isis and Osiris in the Confessions, he also becomes a judge of De Quincey's guilt over his dalliance with Miss Fanny, and thus linked to a mythic history past remembrance.
It uses the factoid accuracies to rank answers corresponding to factoid questions and the definition accuracies for ranking the answers for definition questions (refer to the antepenultimate and penultimate columns of Table 2.
The last whorl has 37-39 ribs, the penultimate whorl has 34-36, and the antepenultimate has 36-37 (first numbers refer to holotype).
The awareness of the diversity of the self abounds in the poem, specifically in the antepenultimate stanza: "Chegado aqui, onde hoje estou, conheco / Que sou diverso no que informe estou.