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Miscellaneous collections included 2 females, 2 penultimate females, and 1 antepenultimate female on 26 May 2000; 1 female and 1 penultimate female on 30 May 2000; and 1 penultimate male on 1 June 2000.
Such words are predicted to favor initial, antepenultimate, primary stress.
My wife, Rachel, who couldn't come to the reunion, started to tear up at the antepenultimate sentence just hearing the story, and her lower lip went completely a-blubber at the closing.
In contrast, he makes but fleeting mention, and that only on the antepenultimate and penultimate pages, of the contemporary Islamic world, despite the fact that there are no fewer than twenty-three references to orphans in the Qu'ran, including the injunction that they be cared for by society.
Topaz, Alfred Hitchcock's antepenultimate film, has received minimal attention from either audiences or critics, most of it dismissive.
The antepenultimate line makes a kind of Mobius Strip, a loop of the struggle the poem depicts.
The antepenultimate paragraph told readers about "the ramifications of September 11 and the economic blight of the airline industry.
In our antepenultimate editorial--more on our successor below--we have chosen to work our way further into the past and focus on a second key global transition investigated by archaeology: agriculture.
Speaking of high expectations placed on the reader, are we expected to be familiar with unexplained terms such as "gliuommari" (a twentieth-century term referring to the dramatic and musical "entanglement" during buffo finales), "sdrucciolo rhythm" (poetic lines ending with the stress on the antepenultimate syllable, thus, a dactyl line ending), "sorbeto aria" (the first aria of the second act assigned generally to the most unimportant singers because the clinking of the sorbet glasses of the audience, just returning from refreshments, made it apparently inaudible and hence pretty irrelevant) to mention some I readily recall--or do such terms call for brief explanations somewhere?
Here is the complete list of words entered, occasionally with comments from the enterer: accoutrements, Aconcagua, adrift, aedeagus, amanuensis, amaranth, amaryllis, anemone, anhedonia, anomaly, antepenultimate, anthropomorphic, aphrodisiac, asunder, banshee, bedraggled, billows, blessing, bombast, boomerang, brio, brutal, calla lily, calliope, callipygian, careen, carfuffle, cataclysm, catafalque (at the wake, have a bier
Exceptionally, where the first protector office-holder is the settlor, it may be possible, in the special circumstances canvassed in the antepenultimate paragraph, to hold that a particular power is personal, as also may occur where the first protector is a beneficiary with selfish interests that the settlor must have taken into account.