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Lateral radiograph shows superior dislocation of the patella and osteophytes at the inferior aspect of patella and at the anterior aspect of medial condyle of femur [4].
The tendon is cut, tagged with heavy nonabsorbable suture, and transferred to the anterior aspect of the abraded greater tuberosity through bone tunnels.
Arthroscopy revealed capillary hyperemia and synovial hyperplasia in the anterior aspect of the ankle joint (Figure 4(a)).
Athletes with bicipital tendinitis will complain of pain over the anterior aspect of the shoulder.
Venous ultrasonography of the left leg revealed no venous thrombosis but did show a cystic lesion extending along the iliopsoas tendon from the anterior aspect of the left hip to the intrapelvic region, so a referral was made to our department.
She had a large, firm, amorphous, fluctuant, soft tissue mass measuring 70 x 40 x 30 with the base extending from left gluteal region to posterolateral aspect to anterior aspect of left thigh with two overhanging one from anteromedial aspect and another from posterolateral aspect, and with multiple dependant ulcers over the surface of the tumor.
"Kissing contusions," a commonly seen secondary sign of ACL injury caused by the previously mentioned pivot-shift mechanism of injury, occur on the posterior aspect of the tibial plateau and the mid to anterior aspect of the femoral condyle (Figure 4).
Webs are often located in the anterior aspect of the glottis with inferior extension.
Later that day, the patient presented with pain and swelling in the anterior aspect of the ankle (Figure 4), which he considered to be bearable.
The pain is located over the antero- lateral aspect of the joint and radiates to the anterior aspect of the upper arm and occasionally to the flexor aspect of forearm.
Two radiographic views of the left knee were obtained and showed significant soft tissue swelling of the anterior aspect of the knee.
Our workup, which included computed tomography (CT) of the paranasal sinuses and orbit, identified old comminuted fractures of the bilateral nasal bones and the anterior aspect of the right medial orbital wall.

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