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Further studies needed to reveal the similarities and differences of the anterior chamber angle defects between the two diseases.
08 mm PD: Pupil diameter, ACD: Anterior chamber depth, ACA: Anterior chamber angle, AOD: Angle opening distance Table 2.
The closed angles were defined as non-visibility of posterior trabecular meshwork on gonioscopy; On OPTOVUE RTVue optical coherence tomography machine patient was examined for retinal nerve fiber layer and ganglion cell complex; On OPTOVUE RTVue optical coherence tomography machine patient was examined for central corneal thickness and anterior chamber angle after installing CAM-L attachment.
The proband (IV: 3, a 35-year-old woman) was diagnosed as JOAG 8 years ago (at the age of 27 years), with pretreatment IOPs of 42/36 mmHg (right eye/left eye [OD/OS]), open anterior chamber angle, and enlarged C/D ratio of 0.
Changes in anterior chamber angle width and depth after intraocular lens implantation in eyes with glaucoma.
It features acquired loss of optic nerve fibers and abnormality in the visual field with an open anterior chamber angle and raised IOP at some point in the course of disease4,5.
The patient showed improvement of clinical findings, but at 3-month follow-up, a previously unnoticed foreign body was observed at the anterior chamber angle.
This article will outline the different methods used to assess the anterior chamber angle.
3] Clinical course is characterized by open angle glaucoma caused by invasion of anterior chamber angle and later on angle closure due to secondary synechiae formation
Chronic pupillary block may also lead to crowding of the anterior chamber angle by the spherical lens.
The structures most commonly involved are the peripheral cornea, anterior chamber angle and iris.

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