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A close follow-up to reduce the risk of recurrence of the abscess and anterior pituitary deficiency is being carried on.
Primary hypopituitarism is due to absent or diminished secretion of hormone(s) by the anterior pituitary gland.
Differential effects of opiate peptides and alkaloids on anterior pituitary hormone secretion.
In addition, it is well established that bone growth is influenced by the release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland, so it is necessary to take into consideration that varying levels of hormone characteristically released during certain behavioural states in a child may intensify the growing pain.
14] C-ATR in vivo after lactational exposure in the Wistar rat, Stoker and Cooper (2007) showed that a small concentration of ATR was present in the anterior pituitary.
Luteinizing hormone is a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland.
Anterior pituitary hormones: Anterior pituitary evaluation was carried out pre-operatively at baseline and at 12 wk post-operatively for all patients.
Anterior pituitary studies (cortisol, free T4) were within normal limits.
Topics include the role pituitary tropic status has in tumor development, the estrous cycle as an instigator of anterior pituitary cell renewal, bone morphogenetic Protein-4 control of pituitary pathophysiology, and an animal model of prolactinoma, estrogen-treated animals to use in studies, the question of whether dopamine agonist treatment should be life-long, pituitary differentiation and regulation and the implications in hormone research, the regulation of growth hormone sensitivity by sex steroid, gene therapy in the neuroendocrine system, expression of somatostatin receptor subtypes and treatment outcomes, and new aspects in the diagnosis and treatment of Cushing Disease.
Association of ectopic posterior pituitary and anterior pituitary hypoplasia with absence of the left internal carotid.
When the anterior pituitary gland is involved, the production of growth hormone may drop.

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