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18) Tracing the way in which historicism has been mobilized throughout the European democratic tradition to legitimate the exploitation of non-European lands and peoples, Dipesh Chakrabarty has memorably described these sites of anteriority as the "waiting room of history.
He opens us to the irruption of the outside which is within us, an anteriority within the anterior.
Porphyry reintroduces Plotinus' argument of causal anteriority of the One-Good with respect to what is multiple, but he adapts it to God, the Intellect and the Soul.
It might be said that the watching scholars have been caught up in the phantom effects that accompany the 'spectral anteriority of the crime'.
In other words, the English gerund can express simultaneity, anteriority and posteriority, and even no temporal relation at all, as in (2a), (2b), (2c) and (2d) respectively, as well as imperfective and perfective readings, as in (2e):
It is impossible to assess anteriority among variables and the causal relationship that may exist among them using these data.
Khora is a kind of atemporal anteriority, a womb that receives but also serves as a source for admonition.
In the absence of one of the markers mentioned in Table 2, the only other way in which Otomi subordinate clauses are distinct from main clauses is the occurrence of certain tense markers, which code person plus Contemporality, Posteriority or Anteriority, and cliticize to the verb.
In this section, we use the anteriority index in the decision processes for simulation and data visualization.
In discussing Herbert Beerbohm Tree's King John, for example, he claims that 'Tree's innovative film is a paradigmatic refutation of one of the commonly encountered pseudo-evolutionary mythologies embedded in what we regard as film history' (76); in describing Peter Greenaway's treatment of The Tempest (Prospero's Books [1991]), we read: 'This is a New Historicist who might have chanced upon Derrida, transforming the idea of writing's anteriority to the spoken word into cheeky insouciance' (233).
Dufrenne argues that this relation cannot be one of simple anteriority.
7 & 10 ICBN), (ii) the anteriority of taxa which will determine the epithet to be conserved when merging two taxonomic groups (Art.