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The anteriority index helps us to resolve some spatial and architectural contradictions of excavation maps.
Dufrenne further rejects the naturalistic conception of man as engendered by the world as a mere chronological anteriority (206).
7 & 10 ICBN), (ii) the anteriority of taxa which will determine the epithet to be conserved when merging two taxonomic groups (Art.
Michael Purcell, "The Prevenience and Phenomenality of Grace, or, the Anteriority of the Posterior," pp.
Joosten (1996: 110-12) noted a difference in the use of perfect + [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] between the Peshitta and the Old Syriac, expressing anteriority in the former and background in the latter.
of a previous sign with which it can never coincide, since it is of the essence of this previous sign to be pure anteriority.
His conception of the threefold present also opens the door to the ontic-ontological difference for Heidegger as well as the anteriority of differance for Derrida in the wake of transcendental phenomenology, which thus remain, in Rudolph's incisive phrasing, "party to" an Augustinian "bewitchment" (90).
Deliberate yet open-ended and fluid, Ginanni's way of looking both outside and inside herself--through a kind of inner eye--allows her to discover an interiority and an anteriority, a duration whose depths are seemingly without end.
They are also used to realise such different phenomena as reflexivity, a gerundive, and con temporaneity and anteriority in complex sentences (see below 2.
Elsewhere, Bailey states that "the Gesu frescoes pioneered a conception of space" (154), a formulation that overvalues anteriority even as it ignores precedents.
language as nomination, sign, and syntax) constitutes itself only by breaking with this anteriority, which is retrieved as "signifier," "primary processes" [.