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Anteriorly directed folds are present in genus Krabimeryx (Metais et al.
Typically, when the bladder is at midline, the rectovesicular or rectourethral fistula is seen extending anteriorly from the rectum.
The talus glides anteriorly placing the narrow portion of the talus in the ankle mortis, a less stable position.
A meniscus whose posterior segment is dislocated anteriorly can look like a double-layered anterior horn.
The glenoid is exposed by placing a two pronged glenoid retractor anteriorly along the scapular neck and a specialized posterior glenoid retractor posteriorly on the edge of the glenoid.
Carvalho (1999b) reported that Benthobatis moresbyi has a semi-circular scapulocoracoid arched anteriorly in dorsal view, similar to the anatomy observed here in B.
5 cm x 10 cm, well defined, unilocular, nonenhancing lesion occupying the rectovesical pouch pushing the rectum, and anal canal toward left and urinary bladder anteriorly.
CT revealed a 14x8 cm cystic mass adjacent to bladder posteriorly and prostate and seminal vesicle anteriorly in the retrovesical space.
Colour of the female paratype in alcohol : pale yellowish; a narrow dusky band just below the peduncular part of lateral line extending anteriorly and fainter to above base of sixth anal ray; a small dusky spot centrally on the dorsal fin membrane; an irregular dusky spot at the base of the caudal fin above the lateral line and extending dorsally to the base of the third principal caudal ray; all other fins translucent.
Pronotum anteriorly with broad, flat, shelf-like projection extending above posterior edge of vertex, apex of projection bifurcate with rami directed toward sides; anterior half of pronotum with two lateral concavities.
6); widest part at sutural area; costal area uniseriate, with sub-rectangular areolae anteriorly, half the size of the posterior ones, these rectangular; subcostal area with three rows of areolae in the widest part, which is located at the higher region of the hemelytral cyst; discoidal area anteriorly biseriate, with five rows of areolae at widest part, located at the same position as the widest part of the subcostal area; radius-median vein sinuous; sutural area with small areolae anteriorly, similar in size as those of the distal part of the discoidal area; larger and pentagonal areolae posteriorly, same size as the larger ones of costal area; outer row with large, square areolae, inner edge slightly rounded.