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Finally, the last question from the floor was asked and the chief flunky (Lord something or other) ushered us into an adjacent anteroom for drinks.
City heritage officer Roger Vaughan said: "We are sorry that members of the public cannot see the new Coventry Cloth of Gold right now, but it will be properly displayed in an upstairs anteroom next Easter, when there will be sample pieces for people to touch.
Accessed via stair or lift, an anteroom promotes the sense of ritual, leading bathers into the main space on an elevated stone terrace that sits between gymnasium and jacuzzi.
Tenders are invited for replacement of existing old air conditioner units in the chamber and anteroom of honble deputy chairman of telangana legislative council in the premises of public gardens, hyderabad.
Fred Herbert, a violinist and viola player who used to capture me from the sports field in order to play after-school string quartets in the smallest anteroom in Wales.
In her widower's 1834 reorganisation, the hang was adjusted to include his more self-serving choice of large paintings, while it became rather more of an anteroom to the resplendent new Model Room (Fig.
I asked his son's mother to bring me a mat and a pillow, and I put them out in the anteroom.
Representatives Hall was filled to capacity, as was the House gallery, the anteroom and the corridor outside.
Some of the enchanting features of this 30-room mansion include a ballroom, a study, an anteroom, sitting rooms, the library, the butler's pantry and a walnut-paneled living room with a hidden doorway and private stairwell to the wine cellar.
If that's an anteroom, I'd love to see a proper room," he says.
It must rank as the worst manners to give an appointment and then make the person who has come to meet you cool his heels in some dreary anteroom while you flip through some magazine or doodle or simply chat with a friend while giving out the impression that you are very busy.
District Judge Michael Fanning ran from Court Two into an anteroom next door to get some towels to stem the flow of blood after Gary Bell, 20, attacked his own throat with a smuggled craft blade which had been concealed in Rizla cigarette papers.

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