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Mr Hookem said that following the scuffle, the door through which Mr Woolfe had entered the anteroom then opened up again "I at that point was not holding him.
Following the "scuffle", he said the door to the anteroom then opened again, and Mr Woolfe fell on to an MEP standing in the doorway.
Similarly, the door from the anteroom to the isolation patient room was left open for the remainder of testing.
An eminent guest enters the anteroom and walks up to Deepika even as we talk.
Evidence of this paradigm shift was seen in Cyprus' clear support for the new interim government of Egypt, opposition to the Assad regime in Syria and stated desire to apply for membership of NATO's anteroom, Partnership for Peace.
In an anteroom before the G-20 summit's full session began, Abe was exchanging pleasantries and making small talk with other G-20 leaders.
Upstairs, there are two en suite bedrooms and the sumptuous dormer master bedroom has a dressing anteroom, while a double integral garage and entrance canopy complete this elegant family home.
A small anteroom to the main gallery featured four pieces that focused on Jiirgenssen's preoccupation with animal pelts and anthropomorphism (a utopic take on human-animal hybrids is one theme of Jurgenssen's work).
Schonborn characterizes Kafka's Nature Theater as the anteroom to a third space, the "Nicht-Ort" of the Jewish tradition in Western Europe (86).
Extraction of the three rooms and the anteroom was performed using a Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor with the Vacuum Pac.
Perched on a table in an anteroom beside the council chamber, he added: "People like (Conservative Aberconwy MP) Guto Bebb are working hard for local people.
To issue the kind of directive that the bishops issued in Ontario is to reduce the Church to another lobby group in an already crowded political anteroom.

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