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* Design around a shared positively pressurized anteroom to serve both a dedicated hazardous and a nonhazardous buffer room.
Mr Hookem said that following the scuffle, the door through which Mr Woolfe had entered the anteroom then opened up again "I at that point was not holding him.
Following the "scuffle", he said the door to the anteroom then opened again, and Mr Woolfe fell on to an MEP standing in the doorway.
Representatives Hall was filled to capacity, as was the House gallery, the anteroom and the corridor outside.
Some of the enchanting features of this 30-room mansion include a ballroom, a study, an anteroom, sitting rooms, the library, the butler's pantry and a walnut-paneled living room with a hidden doorway and private stairwell to the wine cellar.
It must rank as the worst manners to give an appointment and then make the person who has come to meet you cool his heels in some dreary anteroom while you flip through some magazine or doodle or simply chat with a friend while giving out the impression that you are very busy.
If no airborne infection isolation room is available, a portable anteroom system (PAS)-high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) combination unit may be used.
Pressure relationships between the anteroom and isolation room were not tested.
He relayed the story of a brave woman who, standing naked in the anteroom to the gas chamber, rebuffed the advances of an SS man and then shot him dead with his own pistol.
IT'S what they call X- factor, you realise, standing in the crowded little anteroom, watching Deepika Padukone.
Evidence of this paradigm shift was seen in Cyprus' clear support for the new interim government of Egypt, opposition to the Assad regime in Syria and stated desire to apply for membership of NATO's anteroom, Partnership for Peace.
History's anteroom; photography in San Francisco, 1906-1909.

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