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The premise has been decked up with five anterooms where sub- groups will carry out the discussions.
There are also two anterooms with windows looking out onto the lake.
Game boards were common funerary objects, and many have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, such as the senet board found in one of the anterooms of Tutankhamen's tomb.
Instead he provides contiguous, continual spaces, rooms anterooms, and terraces linked by stairs of varying orientation, scale and enclosure.
The late Wilson's health warning against antiquated mind sets should rumble through the corridors and anterooms of the Irish Football Association this month.
Thus, with over-cooling-Plus-reheat dehumidification of freezer anterooms being customary textbook-wise where latent-heat ratio (LHR) of room load exceeds LHR of the evaporator-unit selection (i.
Her shots of dioramas, storage areas, and anterooms, of conservation studios, vitrines, shelves, and index cards, of crates and plinths, tables and technical equipment create a panopticon of objects from the most diverse cultures; above all, though, they produce a new vantage point for how we view the other.
Some watched the service in two anterooms and even the main lobby via video screens, while still others could do nothing more than stand outside the main doors of the church to show their respect.
A walkthrough of the patient and healthcare worker pathway was conducted, including an inspection of the various isolation gradients (nurses' stations, change rooms, isolation ward corridor, anterooms, and AIIRs).
A curved wood ceiling evokes billowing sails, while anterooms and balcony-level atria capture the movement of a seafaring vessel.

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