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Design around a shared positively pressurized anteroom to serve both a dedicated hazardous and a nonhazardous buffer room.
Thus, with over-cooling-Plus-reheat dehumidification of freezer anterooms being customary textbook-wise where latent-heat ratio (LHR) of room load exceeds LHR of the evaporator-unit selection (i.
Her shots of dioramas, storage areas, and anterooms, of conservation studios, vitrines, shelves, and index cards, of crates and plinths, tables and technical equipment create a panopticon of objects from the most diverse cultures; above all, though, they produce a new vantage point for how we view the other.
The paired entrance doors lead to oval-shaped anterooms opening into a larger space housing security devices.
The Greeks believed that sweet smells were a good omen, and Alexander the Great burned incense in the anterooms to his chambers.
To provide consistent positive pressure in the HSCT recipient's room, consistent pressure differentials should be maintained between patients' rooms and the hallways or anterooms at [is greater than] 2.

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