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Also, transverse diameter was found larger than anteroposterior diameter similiar to our data (Karakas et al., 2007; Desdicioglu et al.).
In Group 1, no change was observed in the anteroposterior diameter of the air column, column of airspace, and thickness of the uvula and the soft palate.
Diagnostic value of anteroposterior diameter of fetal renal pelvis during second and third trimesters in predicting postnatal surgery among Korean population: useful information for antenatal counseling.
Our results showed that Type A condylar head fractures are positively associated with the condylar head width and the ratio of condylar head width to condylar anteroposterior diameter. This means that people who have a high ratio of condylar head width to condylar anteroposterior diameter, or a greater than normal condylar head width, are more likely to have a Type A condylar head fracture after parasymphyseal impact.
The index is the ratio of the transverse diameter and the anteroposterior diameter is
Haller index which is defined as the ratio of the transverse (the horizontal distance of ribcage) and the anteroposterior diameter (the shortest distance between the sternum and vertebrae) was 5.21.
In spite of multiple trials, the femoral head was stuck, and the reduction was not successful until we used a cob elevator as a lever arm placed in the anterior column fracture to exaggerate the displacement, thus increasing the anteroposterior diameter of the acetabulum and allowing the reduction of the femoral head.
The uterine length (Figure 1) and the anteroposterior diameter (AP) (Figure 2) were measured in longitudinal sections.
The ratio depth versus anteroposterior diameter was very small (0.08 and 0.05), which made it clear that the curvature is slightly concave but tends to be very flat.
For evaluation of the neuroforamen, an anteroposterior diameter of the foramen of less than 3mm on sagittal images is considered diagnostic for stenosis (Figure 20A).
In addition, 3.0 T MRI was performed to assist in the diagnosis of ACL and ALL injury, to determine the anteroposterior diameter of ACL tibial footprint and the degree of ACL tibial footprint.
[2] The spinal cord compression caused by the subluxation at the craniocervical junction may lead to the formation of periodontoid pannus, compromising the anteroposterior diameter of the spinal canal and causing neurological deficits.

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