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A weak negative linear correlation was found between participant age and the anteroposterior diameter ([r.
Our results showed that Type A condylar head fractures are positively associated with the condylar head width and the ratio of condylar head width to condylar anteroposterior diameter.
Using the two standard deviations at the L1 level for an upper limit cutoff, we then would qualify stenosis in our population as those having an anteroposterior diameter of less than 0.
The skin-traction method increases the cross-sectional area of the internal jugular vein by increasing its anteroposterior diameter.
Gross evaluation indicated that the right eye had an anteroposterior diameter of 19 mm.
The fact that the transverse diameter of a Morgagni hernia is substantially more than its anteroposterior diameter makes this hernia amenable to this technique.
UTRI being the ratio of anteroposterior diameter to length would always remain relatively constant in the four categories of subjects.
The anteroposterior diameter from the frontal pole to the occipital pole of a human brain measures 17 cm in a male and 16 cm in a female person.
The 28 percent increase in the pelvic outlet--1cm in the transverse diameter and 2cm in the anteroposterior diameter (Russell, 1982) of active birthing is greater than that which is normally achieved by symphysiotomy, which, primarily, increases the transverse diameters by 1cm (Menticoglou, 1990).
The mass was approximately 5 cm wide, and its anteroposterior diameter was 2.

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