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When the Ryan Murphy series aired in 2011, the show "literally redefined the anthological series business," says Landgraf, paving the way for Fargo and two more Murphy shows: American Crime Story and Feud.
Reflecting on the "beautiful flawed strength" of the English-Canadian anthological tradition--and by extension the national history it reflects--Lecker's study ends on a sonorous and positive note:
This anthological PhD dissertation is an examination of the development of listeners' involvement and technology in the youth radio programme P4 i P1 from 1973 to 1996.
He launched into an anthological exposition' to describe Pakistan as the land of the descendants' of the great Muslim emperors of India coming from the steppes' of Central Asia and Caucasian mountains to come to the aid of the American people.
And indeed, these CGIs are anthological all the way down: based on imported CAD models, full of photos and digitally manipulated versions of photos, and worked on by a group.
What makes it an anthological work of architecture are the painted decorations with floral and geometrical themes covering every inch of its inner and outer walls.
Cock-eyed as it may seem to you", he went on, "it smacks more of sentimentality to me to insist that nothing can be written without a proletariat moral, that society can be so sharply divided into classes as 'The bad capitalists', 'the good workers', the dumb bourgeois etc, than it does to realize that in 1880 there were nice white people and lousy white people and that most negroes [sic] (without delving into the anthological and economic roots) asked nothing more than sunshine basking.
According to the foreword, written by editorial director Paul Prevost, the series is "based on the model of the great anthological collections," and it proposes "critical editions of operas composed between the [French] Revolution and the First World War.
This anthological wax museum is a technology of display simulating cultural achievement.
The past few years have seen an escalation of Ghirri projects, ranging from Aperture Gallery's 2008 anthological exhibition "It's Beautiful Here, Isn't It"; the inclusion of Ghirri's photos in the Fifty-Fourth Venice Biennale of 2011; Mack's impeccable reprint of Ghirri's landmark 1978 book, Kodachrome; and the current exhibition of its vintage prints at Matthew Marks Gallery in New York to the retrospective at MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, opening this month.
The year 2007 saw the release of the movie 'Dus Kahaniyn', which was another anthological film.