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Many of the poets included in and supported by the anthological descendents of Winning continued to publish individual collections in the 1990s.
Anthological examinations of the pooled semen sample were carried out within the first quarter of the trial and afterwards once a week.
It's a superb, anthological reference book of foods and the flavours they work with.
I refer to volumes like La presenza di Orfeo (1953), Paura di Dio (1955), Nozze romane (1955), Tu sei Pietro (1961), texts that are usually available only in anthological collections.
This is why he received as much as 100 white bumblebees in the anthological TV show.
Fletcher (author of "Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini": A Thirteenth-Century Sermon for Advent and the Macaronic Style in England) has compiled an anthological cross-section of late medieval Orthodox Christian sermons from Britain and Ireland.
Even though Granger freely admits the piecemeal, anthological status of N-Town as a manuscript, she still maintains that the manuscript is a single play (or was a single play?
And the implications are transformative, for literary as for cultural study more broadly: "the anthological impulse to collect and place side by side, within the pages of individual books, a diverse array of episodes that draw widely on both queer and mainstream literary antecedents makes the case for looking not just at but beyond the usual suspects (like Whitman) for a more robust (queer) literary history" (106)
For Sexton, it does include the more intellectually weak liberal humanism of the anthological work of Maria Root and Naomi Zack, but it does not seem to include the more ambivalent, historically situated, and critical anthological work of Dave Parker and Miri Song or the multiracial anthologies on passing edited by Elaine Ginsberg or by Maria Sanchez and Linda Schlossberg.
It is the case of Maya-Jakaltec Victor Montejo's translations of Simon Ortiz's work, of Carlos Montemayor's anthological translations of Mexican indigenous poetry, prose and theater, into Spanish (and English) as well as of the recently published anthology of Mexican indigenous poetry Reversible Monuments.
A Yiddish Text from Auschwitz: Critical History and the Anthological Imagination.
The poem's cannibalism is conscious and anthological, that is to say, it selectively appropriates the techniques but rejects the image/con tent of what it "consumes.