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Many anthologies meet an unfortunate fate of neglect.
In Chapter Two, "Cultures of the Commonplace," Price suggests that anthologies created a common culture forged by the ubiquity of a few standard collections.
At the same time--and in contrast to previous anthologies of Alberta (and, more generally, prairie) writing that have focused exclusively on the short story (West of Fiction, 1983, edited by Leah Flater, Rudy Wiebe, and Aritha Van Herk; Due West: 30 Great Stories from Alberta.
But within their bland prefaces modern poetry anthologies also record a struggle about an emergent entity and the conditions under which that entity--which became known as modernism--might be known, represented, and archived.
Anthologies and corpuses are already well-known as "things," so I will differentiate them adjectivally rather than as nouns:
After little more than a decade of enormously consequential work -- including anthologies of texts, editions, major critical assessments, critical anthologies, bibliographies -- the desire that women writers should be seen as contributors to English Renaissance literature should be uncontentious.
Additionally, these anthologies announced the validation of black literary studies in the world of white publishing companies and the academic arenas of colleges and universities.
McClatchy is the author of four books of poems, including Ten Commandments, winner of the 1998 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men's Poetry, and the editor of several anthologies.
Previous anthologies have detailed the historical development of specific ecumenical working groups, such as Faith and Order, but no other anthology has compiled such a broad selection of texts from the ecumenical movement and presented them as an organic whole.
to start releasing anthologies from its massive collection of more than 1,000 Russian animated films, made when the Soviet Union was still a union.
So I sat down with two new anthologies on the subject, Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama, edited by Kevin Danaher (Common Courage) and The Case Against the Global Economy, edited by Jerry Mander and Edward Goldsmith (Sierra Club Books).
Turkey, often slighted in anthologies, here is represented in two of the essays, as is Morocco, Iran and Israel.