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Indeed, Lecker acknowledges in his introduction that at the time he "made no mention of Canadian anthologists, arguably the most influential group of all when it comes to defining the English-Canadian canon" (5).
Yet, Spanish anthologists in the second half of the twentieth century are also highly indebted to Manent's Romanticos y Victorianos, which made of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Byron and Keats enduring figures just when the first anthologies of English poetry had fallen into oblivion.
In conclusion, my advice to interested parties would be to borrow Hofmann's tome from the library or leaf through it in the reading room--but not to spend money on the work of someone silly as a critic, inept as a translator, and biased as an anthologist.
Enhanced with more than 600 full color illustrations (including 86 double-page spreads), "Magic Land Of Toys" compiled and with commentary by anthologist, translator, essayist, novelist, editor and author Alberto Manguel is a 256-page coffee table masterpiece showcasing and celebrating Parisian The Musee des Arts Decoratifs fabulous collection of over twelve thousand toys, making it one of the finest in the world.
Paul McDonald, comic novelist from Walsall and editor of Loffing Matters' Debjani Chatterjee, distinguished poet and anthologist, editor of Mango Shake' Tindal Street Press's assistant editor Luke Brown with Jane Colechin' Loffing Matters authors Lisa Granville, John Mulcreevy, Laurence Inman and editor Paul McDonald' Mango Shake authors Anish Desai, Zorina Ishmail-Bibby, Bobby Nayyar with actor Hema Mangoo
The life and works of Luisa Bergalli (1703-1779), the first anthologist of women poets, are reviewed by Francesca Savoia and Luisella Bovio.
David Citino, poet, critic, essayist, anthologist, teacher, and friend, died recently.
John Hayward (1905-1965) was a scholar, anthologist, critic, and editor, publishing editions of John Donne, William Blake, Robert Herrick, the Earl of Rochester, Jonathan Swift, and T.
Price notes that each of Richardson's novels takes an anthologist for its heroine, and that Richardson retrospectively defined the original edition of Clarissa as an abridgment by claiming to recuperate in later editions passages he had left out of the first.
Her actual principle of selection is revealed when she adds that a perfect poem is "one that will become canonical within the poet's oeuvre: its imaginative powers are so characteristic and deep, and its characteristics so match them in ambition, that an anthologist or teacher is likely to choose it when illustrating the early work of an author" (2).
The Lee Bennett Hopkins Award, established in 1993, is presented annually to an American poet or anthologist for the most outstanding new book of children's poetry published in the previous calendar year.
Among Major's peers, he is revered and respected for the range of his artistic endeavors: poet, novelist, painter, essayist, editor and anthologist.