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Indeed, Lecker acknowledges in his introduction that at the time he "made no mention of Canadian anthologists, arguably the most influential group of all when it comes to defining the English-Canadian canon" (5).
Yet, Spanish anthologists in the second half of the twentieth century are also highly indebted to Manent's Romanticos y Victorianos, which made of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Byron and Keats enduring figures just when the first anthologies of English poetry had fallen into oblivion.
On that last account, Dworkin and Goldsmith have done valuable work as anthologists and literary historians, providing two ample selections from Knowles's out-of-print and nearly forgotten book of procedural and visual texts, Typings (Vehicle Editions, 1979).
Smith, Dennie, and the anthologists also developed different attitudes toward politics.
The female audience of the sonnet sequence is therefore not a conventional or contrived entity, as the anthologists surmised, but forms instead a genuine community that helps to define the poet's new relationship to the beloved.
In part the rationale provided for this position is that if such experiences were anything other than paranormal, their occurrence would not show the observed correlations with indices of geomagnetic activity; the anthologists evidently cannot conceive that geomagnetic activity could affect neurological processes responsible for schizotypal or temporallobe mentation.
Seeking the elusive meaning of the editorial choices made by the anthologists at the end of the Middle Ages, Taylor (Durham U.
xxii), though notably present are several dub poets and spoken-word artists previously ignored by earlier anthologists.
Anthologies, also, came to take on a retrospective function, especially in the aftermath of the 1774 defeat of perpetual copyright which enabled anthologists to compile "timeless gleanings from the backlist" (67).
A third and final phase of anthology making occurs after the 1960s, when anthologists began to include writing by ethnic and gender minorities.
Since then, he has alienated most of his grandfather's fans by charging exorbitant rates to anthologists and artists, putting the kibosh on a host of adaptations he considered inappropriate (including Groden's "Digital Ulysses" annotation project), and reportedly stating that Ulysses is meant to be read, not performed or adapted to other media.
Anthologists must leave out more than they include--it's the nature of the beast--and here what's omitted is secondary to unexpected treats: poems by Elizabeth Bishop and Richard Wilbur, song lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein and Cole Porter, excerpts from the memoirs of P.