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On that last account, Dworkin and Goldsmith have done valuable work as anthologists and literary historians, providing two ample selections from Knowles's out-of-print and nearly forgotten book of procedural and visual texts, Typings (Vehicle Editions, 1979).
Late Victorian anthologists of the sonnet prized Clare's work highly and their collections offer an important context through which to consider his sonnets in comparative and technical terms.
The female audience of the sonnet sequence is therefore not a conventional or contrived entity, as the anthologists surmised, but forms instead a genuine community that helps to define the poet's new relationship to the beloved.
The anthologists are much more doubtful about the occurrence of macroPK.
Seeking the elusive meaning of the editorial choices made by the anthologists at the end of the Middle Ages, Taylor (Durham U.
6) Questions about inclusions and exclusions thus inevitably arise in Classic New Zealand Poets, and are heightened by the particular problems faced by anthologists of historical sound recordings; namely, that the editors are reliant upon recordings having been made and having been subsequently preserved.
8) For more on the ways in which modernist anthologists conceptualized their collections as narratives and the idea of modernism itself as a narrative, see Diepeveen 144ff.
xxii), though notably present are several dub poets and spoken-word artists previously ignored by earlier anthologists.
And long before New York City DJs made "mix tapes" a staple for transmitting the newest black music, anthologists of the Black Arts era apparently believed in the power of compilations, as they assembled various collections featuring "the new black poetry.
As the same poems turned up in subsequent textbooks, the laziness of teachers added itself to the laziness of anthologists.
Since then, he has alienated most of his grandfather's fans by charging exorbitant rates to anthologists and artists, putting the kibosh on a host of adaptations he considered inappropriate (including Groden's "Digital Ulysses" annotation project), and reportedly stating that Ulysses is meant to be read, not performed or adapted to other media.
Elizabethan poems such as "My mind to me a kingdom is," and Tichbourne's "My prime of youth is but a frost of cares" remained favorites among anthologists for more than half a century after they were composed.