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Because an anthology is by definition a text by several authors, the socialization of individual poems takes place in the process of anthologization, as the text enters into a socialized space occupied by other authors' texts.
Via the work of anthologization, does Derrida's relationship to other thinkers and to various traditions of thought become far too malleable, with the frequent result that Derrida is presented rather abstractly, vaguely and sloppily as some sort of "postmodernist," rather than as a particular thinker emerging out of a more clear ly determined or locatable intellectual milieu?
Rather, it would seem that the (de)limiting effects which arise de facto as the product of the institution of anthologization imposed on (but also, to some extent, emerging out of) the de jure malleability or iterability of "Derrida" or "deconstruction" occur not just in the vicinity of the more generalist anthology; but equally that they impose themselves on the possibilities thrown up by collecting Derrida's writings alone.
And yet, as something other or something more than just another "part" of the "whole" (so far as these sorts of accounts are concerned) of "Derrida," something more or something other than just another "object" in the "series," Gins gathers up, propagates, grafts onto the body (of the texts of Jacques Derrida) precisely this problematic of anthologization that is constitutive not just of the reception but indeed, and inseparably, of the very production (in the way that Wolfreys describes it) of Derrida's work itself.
What survives, lives on, remains, in anthologization, where flowers grow up and are gathered from the (burial) ground of the proper name, the (apparently) finished corpus (the corpse)?
The parting of the petals, or of the leaves (of a given text) in anthologization or anthological textual production, sets off a number of problems and issues here.
It is a problem which means that the flower cannot simply be thought to be cut and gathered in anthologization, as exemplary part of a larger whole; but that the flower also precisely sets apart that whole as a-part.
It is (de)part(ed), in a ghostly sense, as what nevertheless remains after the part and the whole are subjected to "the force of a transcendental excrescence" that accompanies anthologization, or the gathering of flowers.
Edna Longley's meticulously detailed survey of British war poetry, for example, attends closely to the often political criteria governing its anthologization.
In addition, there ate translations, reprints and anthologizations, keynote addresses, and the like.
Two more novels followed in 1977 and 1981, but then, save for occasional anthologizations of his scattered bits of new work, along with his arresting script for the National Film Board feature, Train of Dreams (1987), silence.
Some asked why teach the work since it is routinely excluded from anthologizations of Ruskin's works and is often difficult to obtain.