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Moreover, since one can neither simply "take it" nor "leave it" in regard to (the) teaching (of deconstruction), here again we might detect the very same constitutive problematic of "transcendental excrescence," of paradoxically inseparable a-partness, which sur-rounds and pervades the question of the anthological that is gathered up in the gathered flowers of anthologization. From this point of view, deconstruction's relation to the pedagogical and its relation to the anthological might be thought to be inseparably part of....
(2.) Such a constitutive problematic of anthologization, imposing itself in different ways on Kamuf and Woifreys alike at the very moment they consider anthologizing Derrida, similarly (although also differently) enters into Derek Attridge's reflections on anthologies in his preface to the collection Acts of Literature.
DuBois among others, the reconstruction of the Black canon and its anthologizations. It is also an interpretation open to challenge on grounds of the development of liberal political theory by Rawls, Nussbaum, and others, and even sits uneasily with critical legal studies and critical race theory which arises out of the philosophical engagement with the cultural history of America.
In addition to offering a fresh account of Bubet's (changing) anthologizing practices and its underlying hermeneutics, Urban also recreates a vivid and richly documented image of the little-known wider reception of Hasidic sources and their modern anthologization. Her book is lucid and accessible, well organized, and impressively learned.
Because an anthology is by definition a text by several authors, the socialization of individual poems takes place in the process of anthologization, as the text enters into a socialized space occupied by other authors' texts.
Price describes the ways in which Clarissa became anthologized and abridged, but also, and more originally, she reveals how anthologization and abridgment are built into the narration of that novel.
Biographical conventions also lead some to regard the genre as "fundamentally reactionary, conservative, perpetually accommodating new models of man, new theories of the inner self, into a personality-oriented cultural mainstream, thus always helping to defuse their subversive potential." (24) Biographical anthologization, in its implicit or sometimes explicit use of precedent to establish norms of human behavior and its generic impulse to find commonality between subjects, is similarly charged with having a homogenizing influence on constructions of selfhood.
(14) This taxonomic anthologization is substantially a process of detachment, as discussed above.
Taken together, however, the numerous anthologizations of the atmospheric shorter stories especially, provide steam for Davies's observation that the collection "is more a tale of afterlives than afterlife" (lxxi), a survival pressed forward via Conrad's own stage adaptation of "Because of the Dollars," titled "Laughing Anne." Looking further ahead, we might no less remember the 1953 film adaptation of that story and its ramped-up marketing, as evidenced via the film's exotic German and sin-inflected Argentinian titles, Anna von Singapur and La pecadora de Oriente [sic].
In addition, there ate translations, reprints and anthologizations, keynote addresses, and the like.
Two more novels followed in 1977 and 1981, but then, save for occasional anthologizations of his scattered bits of new work, along with his arresting script for the National Film Board feature, Train of Dreams (1987), silence.
Some asked why teach the work since it is routinely excluded from anthologizations of Ruskin's works and is often difficult to obtain.