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As MacNeil notes, the scherzo, an original poetic form which Gabriello Chiabrera adapted from the Franco-Italian tradition of the canzonetta, was adopted by Andreini herself to celebrate Chiabrera, one of her poetic models, along with Torquato Tasso, whose death is honored in one anthologized sonnet.
Sama convincingly illustrates, with the anthologized selections, Caminer's struggle both as a woman in a man's profession and as a promoter of the Enlightenment in Italy.
Significantly, many of these artists' texts have been collected and anthologized.
From the thirteenth century onward, the author posits a stagnation in the development of polemics: "the intellectual weapons forged in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were reused, anthologized, translated, published (p.
Unlike numerous other pulp genres, many of which are still celebrated nostalgically and even anthologized for new readers, the adventure pulps, their stories, and their art have disappeared.
It includes a useful introduction and bibliography, along with notes on each of the texts anthologized.
The last work is, of course, Boccherini's most famous single piece of music, anthologized in every collection of Baroque music ever made, and recorded in every imaginable combination of instruments.
Over time, the gay coming out story has become about as predictable as a rerun of The Golden Girls, having been anthologized, memoired, biographed, fictionalized, you name it.
The works anthologized here reflect Powell's own taste--previously published writing he has read and liked--rather than any strict criteria for inclusion.
A journalist and a writer, she has published seven novels, three political essays, four humorous books on machismo and her short stories have been anthologized.
The exceptions stand out: "Gigantic" is memorable and will be anthologized.
In 1995 after his lover died, the author of Longtime Companion wrote a fierce, now-famous "Postcard From Grief" (first published as a viewpoint in The Advocate and later anthologized in Gay Men at the Millennium).