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Part 2 contains a variety of resources intended to help the analysis of the anthologized texts.
In any case, the student essays always follow close readings of various writers anthologized in the Com102 textbook--the sixth edition of Rise Axelrod and Charles Cooper's Reading Critically: Writing Well.
Significantly, many of these artists' texts have been collected and anthologized. Over the past decade, subjects of published volumes have included Judd, Morris, Serra, Smithson (in separate English and German editions), and Graham (as well as Frank Stella, whose lectures postdate the period in question).
In any case, Allaire is right that the genre, often anthologized as minor literature, had a major influence across Europe.
Unlike numerous other pulp genres, many of which are still celebrated nostalgically and even anthologized for new readers, the adventure pulps, their stories, and their art have disappeared.
Rising, and Writing Women, and have been anthologized in Cries of the
Again, an example from the biographical description of would-be architect Giorgio Labo illustrates the simple and noble prose of the anthologized biographies: "Egli era umano, presentiva il pericolo, e soffriva di mettere a repentaglio la propria vita, la vita giovane e l'architettura che sognava."
Most of the best-known utopian writers (such as Thomas More, Tommaso Campanella, Charles Fourier, Saint Simon, but not Robert Owen) are anthologized and the book also pays particular attention to utopias of the French Revolution (Louis-Antoine Cloots, Saint-Just, Condorcet, Maximilien Robespierre) and to Anglo-Saxon utopias, of which the French public is generally little aware (7 entries out of 28).
The last work is, of course, Boccherini's most famous single piece of music, anthologized in every collection of Baroque music ever made, and recorded in every imaginable combination of instruments.
The works anthologized here reflect Powell's own taste--previously published writing he has read and liked--rather than any strict criteria for inclusion.
A journalist and a writer, she has published seven novels, three political essays, four humorous books on machismo and her short stories have been anthologized. Her articles, essays and interviews have appeared in newspapers and magazines across Latin America, the United States and Europe.