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AS a novelist, he is clearly Victorian, but anthologizers of his poems have had more difficulty in placing him.
Anthologizers, too, while honoring his unique place in literary history, make it clear that Hammon is "more a colonial curiosity than an authentic monument of Afro-American literature" (Long and Collier 19).
Perhaps inspired by her subject matter, Price has a gift for the aphoristic turn of phrase, as when, in her third chapter's discussion of George Eliot's anthologizers, she notes that Eliot's "protests against sententiousness are undercut more subtly by their own sententious form" (132).
Accordingly, certain household names -- perhaps most notably, Leon Battista Alberti's -- are excluded (despite its familiarity to Renaissance scholars and anthologizers, I libri della famiglia went unpublished in the Cinquecento) in favor of bestselling authors now largely unknown.
While anthologizers Aldo Francesco Massera (Sonetti burleschi e realistici dei primi due secoli, Bari: Laterza, 1940), Mario Marti (I poeti giocosi del tempo di Dante, Milano: Rizzoli, 1956), and Maurizio Vitale (Rimatori comico-realistici del Due e Trecento, Torino: UTET, 1956) consider them part of the comic movement, recent scholars such as Steven Botterill and Gary Cestaro have questioned their classification as strictly jocose poets.
The complexity of Chesnutt's maneuvering within the local-color tradition can be appreciated in "Hot-Foot Hannibal," a tale neglected by anthologizers and frequently dismissed by critics because of its puzzling absence of subversive content.