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This introduction by Wolfreys to The Derrida Reader raises an interesting question, going beyond his own handling of the problem of anthologizing Derrida.
However, in the subsequent introduction to A Derrida Reader, Kamuf more or less sets aside the question (which bears a multiple syntactical weight or force) of anthologizing Derrida which is imposed or demanded by Glas, in favour of presenting us with a quite dazzling polylogical discussion devoted to the topic of, among other things, the difficulties and issues surrounding the term "Reader" itself.
When thinking of anthologizing Derrida, let us re-turn, therefore, to Glas.
Of these subsections, by far the most interesting is the 200-page section anthologizing the Englishman's perception of Italian otherness, with attention to 'The Classical Heritage', 'Arts and Learning', 'Religious Difference', 'Government and Politics', 'Social and Sexual Manners', 'National Character', and 'Nature'.
Indeed, along with the anthologizing efforts of Charlotte Brunet and others, Nadezda Obradovic's collection contributes to the unknown, potentially untapped creativity of the African continent, bringing together both familiar and hitherto unfamiliar names.
An indispensable preliminary to the task of editing Francesco Barbaro's correspondence, this detailed catalogue also yields invaluable data on the creation of manuscripts, both before and after the advent of printing, and will help to document humanist habits of anthologizing and canon formation.