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The differences between the anthologies surround their contents: The Norton Anthology of African American Literature's 2,665 pages include thirteen sections, while Jewish American Literature: A Norton Anthology's 1,221 pages include fifteen.
More successful at the latter is the three-CD box Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music, 1948-1980, a slicker yet ultimately more provocative package that includes work by many of the same artists as Sub Rosa's anthology.
Almost two-thirds of the Folger Collective anthology is devoted to the age of romanticism, and much of it reminds us that, for many women, this was an age made conspicuous by its explosion in fiction not poetry.
The anthology follows the same roughly chronological organization as the companion textbook, thus making its table of contents difficult to use, since neither genres nor composers are grouped together.
The strength of The Ecopoetics Anthology is in its companionable, earthbound perspective, poem after poem.
With the release of the new anthology, Ahead of the Curve: The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning, educational publishing company Solution Tree hopes to transform tedium into a battle cry for bold moves in school improvement through an assessment revolution.
Buying all 12 of the “Visit the Zoo” book series in one anthology volume will save 50% off the cover price from buying the series individually one book at a time.
This anthology details actual mill conversions to ECF Bleaching.
Shockley also edited several critical volumes, including Afro-American Women Writers, 1746-1933: An Anthology and Critical Guide (G K Hall, 1988), a book that was considered a definitive reference work at the time of its publication.
Bertolt Brecht: Poetry And Prose is an anthology primarily of poetry, but also offering the prose works "Socrates Wounded" and "The Unseemly Old Lady" by Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956), which reveals his skill in the free-verse that he calls "rhymeless lyrics with irregular rhythm.
Comprised of fifty-four humorous essays, this anthology offers contemporary works from the likes of Steve Martin and John Updike as well as nine older works from such "greats" as Mark Twain and Elizabeth Bishop.
PILOTS from around the world, including Coventry, have contributed to an anthology of poems on wartime experiences in the air.